Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in 2014
Actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie arrive for a special Maleficent Costume Display at Kensington Palace in London May 8, 2014Reuters

Are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reassessing their relationship and divorce? A new report claims so. Brangelina separated over a year ago for reasons still undisclosed. The couple even spoke to media to explain how they were coping with the break-up and divorce.

But it now seems that they are keen on giving their relationship a second chance. Hollywood insiders claim that Jolie and Pitt are planning a secret reunion with their children. Sources revealed to Radar Online that since the couple will get busy with their future filming project starting 2018, they are planning family time involving the kids and others family members.

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"They're planning a top-secret meeting" because the estranged spouses are expected to head to London to shoot, early next year. Pitt is working on World War Z 2 and Jolie is prepping for Maleficent 2. "Brad and Angie are both well aware that they are headed on a collision course for filming blockbuster sequels."

"Brad and Angie are both well aware that they are headed on a collision course for filming blockbuster sequels," the source claimed.

"The upside of all of this is that the family is going to have one big chance to be together for an extended period of time... This is going to be a whole new world, and an easier one too because they will be able to co-parent while still making these huge blockbuster movies on alternating schedules," the insider explained.

"If this doesn't get them back together for real, I don't think anything will," the grapevine added.

While the rumour sounds like good news for Brangelina fans, there are a few flaws with the statements. First of all, World War Z 2 director, David Fincher told Empire that the script of the movie is not in place. This means, the film stands slim chances of starting production early next year.

As for Jolie's Maleficent 2, the Gossip Cop reveals that Disney is also still working on the script and nothing is finalised yet. So the couple could not be headed to London, like the source claims. So chances are the so-called claimed reunion might not be happening. However, fans and tabloids will keep a close eye on the couple.