The Facebook page of Omar Borkan Al Gala, which got deleted on Tuesday, has been recovered. The 'too handsome' man's official Facebook account was deleted just days after he revealed his relationship status.

"My previous page was deleted just after posting the video 2 hours ago i contacted facebook about this and there's no response yet what do you think guys?" Al Gala said

Al Gala in an interview with Yahoo! OMG said that his account was deleted without his knowledge. On 9 May, the 25-year-old man posted on his page that his account is now active.

"Facebook is in the process of correcting the situation with my FB page and I would like to thank you for all your support and hope to resolve this issue soon," Al Gala posted on his Facebook page after recovering the account.

The self proclaimed actor, fashion photographer and poet shot to fame after his photos went viral claiming that he is one of the three men who were sent to United Arab Emirates for their devilish good looks.

His Facebook page too went viral online. Till 30 April the page got over 5, 42,000 likes and in just 17 days it reached 954,959 likes, with more than  207,625 talking about him. 

Al Gala's followers list is increasing continuously and he just requires 50, 000 likes more to cross the one million follower mark on his social media page.

The 'too handsome' man recently in an interview with Philippine local television program by GMA Network revealed that he is single and looking forward to meet the right person.

Omar Borkan AL Gala
Omar Borkan AL Gala