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Director Ajay Andrews' Telugu movie Okkadu Migiladu (Okadu) starring Manchu Manoj, Anisha Ambrose, Jennifer, Milind Gunaji and Suhasini, has received good reviews and ratings from the audience.

Okkadu Migiladu is an action thriller written and directed by Ajay Andrews. The movie is based on the life of LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran and the gruesome civil war in Sri Lanka. The film has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and it has a runtime of 2 hours 21 minutes.

Okkadu Migiladu story: The movie is about LTTE head Prabhakaran (Manchu Manoj), who wages war against Sri Lankan government in bid to safeguard the rights of refugees. The kind troubles he and other refugees face during their fight form the crux of the story.

Analysis: The first half of the movie deals with an intense with serious drama, which is quite thrilling and engaging. The second half seems to be bit slow and dragging in parts, but it is also equally engaging and entertaining.

Performances: Manchu Manoj has delivered a brilliant performance and his hard work is clearly visible on the screen. Anisha Ambrose, Jennifer, Milind Gunaji and Suhasini Maniratnam have done justice to their roles, say the viewers.

Technical: SN Reddy and Laxmikanth, who have bankrolled the Manoj starrer, made sure that Okkadu Migiladu has high production values. The movie has amazing action choreography, beautiful visuals, good background score, and interesting costume and weapon designs, say the filmgoers.

We bring to you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Here is the live update oOkkadu Migiladu movie review and rating by audience:

Vamsi Shekar PRO‏ @UrsVamsiShekar

Rocking Star @HeroManoj1's #OkkaduMigiladu starts with the voice over of #NaaraRohith. @HeroManoj1 Entry with an Emotional Dialogue #OkkaduMigiladu .@HeroManoj1 alias #Peter Episode from #OkkaduMigiladu is fabulous.Heart touching dialogues and Manoj Variations in 2 Characters are amazing. First Half of #OkkaduMigiladu is Interesting, Emotional and Heart touching. Interval Episode of #OkkaduMigiladu.....Goosebumps Guaranteed!! "The Boat Journey Begins"

MASS HERO‏ @Chummahh

1st half completed... Manoj did his job very well... Director failed a bit in conveying the total plot and struggle of Tamil tigers... Could have been better... Concentrated mostly on war and cruelty... screenplay could have been better #OkkaduMigiladu

Tolly Mail‏ @tollymail

#OkkaduMigiladu is simply a highly intensified film. People will definitely gonna watch @HeroManoj1 as never before... Watch it in your nearest to theaters today! Don't encourage piracy @itsAjayAndrews @anishaambrose

Watch Me ‏ @Tight_Slapz

#OkkaduMigiladu Completed my 1st half. There cannot be one word to describe. @HeroManoj1 Anna.. this will be the huge break for you. Am eagerly waiting for second half. #Mesmerized #Awestruck #patroitism at its best.

Ahmed Jani Shaik‏ @offl_aadhf

#OkkaduMigiladu Movie An Extraordinary One @HeroManoj1 acting skills excellent and the story was absolutely awesome thankq Director Sir

123 @123telugu

First Half Report : Till now the movie is very intense with serious drama. Manoj and his performance is the highlight. We need to see how the second half turns out to be.

PK‏ @PK90977969

@HeroManoj1 .. First half just finished.. #OkkaduMigiladu .. Nice preformence brother... U only the pillar of frist half... just finished first half of #okkadu migeladu.. @HeroManoj1 .. Awesome performance.. Eagerly for second half... @ursniresh .. @idlebrainjeevi .. #OkkaduMigiladu .. Once again disappointed.. Lack of vision that the director what he wants to tell? Lack of screenplay.. Extraordenary performance of @HeroManoj1 , but finally one more disaster in 2017. Never expected..

A-Z Updates‏ @AtoZupdates123

#OkkaduMigiladu USA reports First half : avg Second half :avg Positive : Manoj & dialogues Negatives : OverVoilence Verdict : Mass entertainer with class subject Rating : 2.5/5

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Sumanth Manu‏ @sumanthrathod

#OkkaduMigiladu @HeroManoj1 Bhayya Ipude first Half aindi interval Block is so emotional & Heart touching! congrats broSuperb performance

Kishore Nanda‏ @kishore_Nandaa

#OkkaduMigiladu movie acting lo superb anipinchavu @HeroManoj1 Congrats anna from #DarlingPrabhas Fans.. E sari nuvu tfi ni #GATTIGA Kottali ✌ Koduthunnavu ✌ Kottesavu ✌

Johnny Vishal‏ @VishalJohnny

Just finished my show Especially 2nd half was path breaking Kudos to the entire Team @HeroManoj1 Anna Acting eragotesav Bgm Adiripoindi Took to Next Level..Rejoice everywhere A big Salute to #Okkadumigiladu team from all Powerstar Fans

Anil Varma‏ @varma_anilvarma

@HeroManoj1 just watched #OkkaduMigiladu awesome movie Manoj Anna performance super best movie in 2017


@HeroManoj1 Kantathadi pettinchav kada Anna... 1st half acting super...Movie ki Nuvve highlight...congratulations bro... Hope this will become a huge success in your career #OkkaduMigiladu

Navya Rao‏ @NavyaRao29

@HeroManoj1 sir wins hearts with his intense and terrific performance! #OkkaduMigiladu turns out to be a clean and clear film like never before showcasing the struggle faced by the refugees. Need more of such films in Indian Cinema!

Kick praveen‏ @praveenkick77

Just now watched #OkkaduMigiladu movie...wt a terrific performance by @HeroManoj1 .2nd half aethe yedipinchesaru..hattsoff to whole team @HeroManoj1 mee movies ki velladaniki reason okate ur selecting good movies..adhi #OkkaduMigiladu tho once again u proved.. Hatsoff sir

ManamAchieversRaBhai‏ @marbofficial