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Ace filmmaker Mani Ratnam is back with a bang after two failed attempts, "Ravan" and "Kadali". His latest venture "OK Bangaram" has impressed the viewers and garnered positive reviews.

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"OK Bangaram" is a romantic drama laced with comedy. It is the dubbed version of Mani Ratnam's Tamil film "OK (O Kadhal) Kanmani". Set in a college campus, the movie revolves around a like-minded boy and girl. It is about their journey to marriage. It deals with their relationship and some catalytic events that change their mindset about the marriage.

Those who have already watched "OK Bangaram" say that the story is simple and nothing new to the Telugu audience, and it is similar to "Alaipayuthey- 2". But the brilliant performances of lead pair Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menen and their superb chemistry are the main highlights of the film. AR Rahman's music and PC Sriram's camera work are other attractions.

We bring you the Twitter comments of a few movie buffs who have already watched the film. Here is the live update of "OK Bangaram" movie review by viewers.

Surya Tej Borra @suryatej_borra

A perfect heart-touching tale of romance. Crackling chemistry between Dulquer Salmaan and Nitya Menen. #OKKanmani #OkBangaram Perfectly complemented by A.R. Rahman's vibrant score and sharp lenswork by PC Sreeram. #OKKanmani #OKBangaram After Guru(2007). #OKKanmani is the best work of Mani sir. Nostalgic, light-hearted and instantly likeable. Has shades of Yuva too! :)

Surya @vivektej001

Just watched #OkBangaram a story close to reality, love that touches our hearts ,purely a maniratnam's magic

Rajesh Kumar Reddy S @SRKREDDY512

It's a movie to recollect all your past. Memories unleashed. #OkBangaram so peaceful & pleasent movie. Worth watching with your bangaram

Survi @PavanSurvi

Sometimes simple, classy storytelling with the occasional stylistic flourish goes a long way. As it is with #OkBangaram. Worth A Watch.

Avad's ‏@avadsays

@dulQuer is such revelation in #okbangaram A superstar in the making .Over shadows the powerful Nithya with his Mesmerizing performance

aHf ‏@adhyayam

#OkBangaram is unemotional Sakhi. #OkBangaram is Technically slick with superb ARR's BGM, PC's Camerawrk and excellent lead pair but it is ManiRatnam,who has missed his charm. #OkBangaram is easily ManiRatnam's best since Yuva (for me) and is definitely watchable but not rememberable like sakhi

AnjaN @AnjaniAries

Done With First Half Slow Paced Story,Some Love scenes and Photography and LeadPair are Plus along with Music.withGood Interval. 2nd Half going Smooth Enjoyable Kummestunaru All Dept's. YouCanGo Wherever and Continue Ur Studies&Job after marriage is What MessageGivenByManiRatnam Sir LivingTogether -> Marriage NithyaMenon Dominates Dulquer in EveryShot.She Is looking Amazing. GodFather @pcsreeram sir,Nothing To mention About U Sir Juz giving a Bow To You. 2ndhalf Rain lo Searching Shots lo Peaks Over All #OkBangaram Very Good Love Story,If U have Lovers U can Enjoy It. Malantollaki

Shrinu Nakka @Imshri09

Halfway through #OkBangaram #Okkanmani. All can i say abt the first half is 'Manirathnam sir is back' :).. @arrahman scored BGM is fabulous. Watched #OkBangaram.#Okkanmani 1 of the finest works of mani rathnam sir. superb peformance by the lead actors. great work by technicians.

Manacinemalu @jntu413

#OkBangaram oka marriage certificate unte anni sardhukuntaya... #OkBangaram super 4/5 #OkBangaram Direction 4/5,music 5:5 screenplay 4.5/5, cinematography 4/5,story 2.5/5.

Harshavardhan @1andonlyharsha

#OkBangaram is good. Aft a long time #ManiRatnam movie not a flop. Cute & slow love story of live-in couple. Abruptly ended with marriage.

Satish Gottapu @satish1_GSK

Hey Maniratnam, You are still younger than current generation....U handle the movie up to your mark n @pcsreeram too #OkBangaram Hey @dulQuer just now watched u on big screen in telugu ver...As early u just mesmerised the celluloid with subtle performance #OkBangaram

Tanuja Sreeramaneni @tsreeramaneni

Cute love story..excellent chemistry between the leads and awesome bgm and screenplay... Overall loved the movie Hero was very handsome and #NithyaMenon was lovely as usual #OkBangaram And last but not the least @NameisNani voice to the hero added more grace #OkBangaaram

Neeraja Kona @NeerajaKona

OK Bangaram has been watched and it's amazingggg!! Love @dulQuer and Nityas chemistry.. Mani sir .. @pcsreeram & @arrahman .. ❤️ Love it!

VamsiKaka @vamsikaka

Lovely first half #OkBangaram . @NameisNani 's dubbing added lot of value to this romantic entertainer.

Nikhil Kumar @nikvenk

Done with #OkBangaram it's quite amazingggg!! Loved @dulQuer and Nityas chemistry.. @NameisNani voice perfectly suited and Loved it totally

Ravi kiran @kinnuPSPK

Done with 1st half .. A "Mani Ratnam" Mark Pure Class Product Liked it @arrahman RR is Fantastic & @pcsreeram Cinematography Superbb. Done !! #OKBangaram is 2015's Sakhi Mani Ratnam's Best in Recent times Loved it very much .. Superb characterization of Lead pair No one can fit this perfect into the role of Tara except #NithyaMenen She is Too Good and extremely Talented as always #OKBangaram #OKBangaram @arrahman RR & Songs, PC Cinematography, Mani Ratnam Taking, Fantastic Performances are the Ultimate +ves Must Watch 3.5/5

Manu @manu0502

Slow pace first half lead pair chemistry super photography and bgm super cool #OkBangaram

Kumar @MSKumar143

Lead pair chemistry kummestundi..Nithya smile bonus annamata #OKBangaram Interval...Superb first half...repeats meda repeats kottocchu e first half ki...loved it..Mani sir #OKBangaram

Pradeep @trulypradeep

Lovely pair. Beautiful chemistry. Superb first half.. #OkBangaram.

Upendrakumar @upendrantrfans

1st half too good #OkBangaram Theatre anta girls.. beautiful

Sravan @sravanrox

Konchem slow but ok first half #OkBangaram Mani rathnam is back #OkBangaram Rehman sir music and bgm chitakottesaru #OkBangaram

Ruthvik Rao @Ruthvik_Rao

Interval #OkBangaram , Liked It, Looks Like Maniratnam Is Back.

VICTORY @mahesh2442

#OkBangaram - Flat 1st half, not even a scene have impact over you......

Telugustates.com @Telugustates

First Half done . Most Romantic Film . Keko Keka. Nithya Menon , No one can replace . Mani Sir . What a love story .

Chaitzzz @cz516

#OkBangaram #OkaZanduBalm First Half #OkBangaram 2/5. 1 for music and cinematography , 1 for lead pair

Bloodu! @roopak999

First half oka 3.5+ esukovachu. Super colorful. Music. BGM. Art. Anni kummesayi. Nani dubbing @dulQuer positives. #OkBangaram 2nd half end lo konchem slow ayindhi buy overall ga keka. Mani is back!!! A 100% urban love story. Classy. Funny. Entertaining. Emotional but no mass elements. Loved Bhavani and Ganapthy characters. Prakash raj didn't over do, was very natural. Can't compare with Sakhi, this is a very 2015 movie. Can find few similarities here n there but completely different concept #OkBangaram

CB_Fan @sensexxxxx

#OkBangaaram good 1st half #OkBangaaram simple love story.. Decent watch.. #OkBangaaram lead pair extraordinary.. #OkBangaram No content or conflict in the story.. Story and narration is too simple .Movie is all about chemistry between the lead pair

Dulquer The Young Megastar

#OkKanmani #Okbangaram Premiere Review! Good First Half, Super 2nd Half and Climax =>Good Story and Direction. Dulquer and Nithya Rocked, Beautiful Chemistry B/w Them, Maniratnam Is Back With a Bang +3.5/5, Romantic Rain

FXZ ‏@MalayalamReview

#OkKanmani #Okbangaram Premiere Review, +Good First Half, +Super 2nd Half and Climax, +Good Story and Direction, +Dulquer and Nithya Rocked,

NANI @nani_fanatic

Ayithe monna Vinna Report Correste..Good 1st half..2nd half Tests your Patience But enjoyable ani #OkBangaram

Ashok Reddy ‏@CAashokreddy

Good,fresh,double OK .. Looks like Mani did it #OkBangaram and my reaction to the guy who posted "Disappoints" ;)