Oh Jung Se
Actor Oh Jung Se file imageGetty Images

In a recent guest appearance on SBS Power FM's "Park Sun Young's Cine Town", Oh Jung Se said that "If I had met you on the street, I wouldn't have recognised you. It's not because I don't remember, but I can't perceive different faces. So there have been a lot of incidents where I feel sorry towards those around me".

Prosopagnosia, also known as face blindness is a condition that prevents the affected person from differentiating between faces. People affected with this disability have a need to repeatedly see a face multiple times to register them. In extreme cases, patients are sometimes unable to recognise their own face in the mirror. The reason stated for this disorder is associated with certain types of brain damage.

K-drama is not new to this disorder as it has been portrayed on many dramas such as "The Beauty Inside" and "Rich Man, Poor Woman". Oh Jung Se painfully accepted that he has failed to recognise his own son and has difficulty identifying many celebrities.

On working with EXO's D.O. for "Swing Kids", Oh Jung Se stated that he received dancing advice and tips while practising with Do Kyung Soo. He exclaimed that "thought they both started at the bottom, Do Kyung Soo definitely learned things faster". He generously praised D.O. stating that "He has an incredible schedule. Though his days are packed, he comes to the next rehearsal prepared and works much harder without showing it".

The actor also touched upon being termed as the "invisible actor" saying that while on a show he had mentioned that he "would like it if he didn't have a colour as an actor, and that's how the phrase struck".

"Swing Kids" is slated to premiere on December 19 across South Korea.