Kapil Sharma, Kangana Ranaut
Kapil Sharma, Kangana RanautSony TV

Not every actor can take comedy and humour in the best possible manner, and Kangana Ranaut is certainly not one of them. Kapil Sharma Show's once co-star Sugandha Mishra also had a rather shocking and awkward encounter with Kangana Ranaut over the humour.

It so happened that Kangana Ranaut had come to promote her film – Rangoon – on the singing reality show - The Voice. Best known for being a comedienne on Kapil Sharma's show, Sugandha Mishra, began mimicking Kangana Ranaut. Coaches Shaan and Salim Merchant boosted her to go ahead with the act of mimicking. While the audience was thoroughly enjoying it, Kangana took offence.

Kangana's outburst

Kangana even went on to say, "I feel like slapping her." Everyone could sense the situation getting tense and Kangana's comment had even left Sugandha embarrassed. But, she continued with the act without losing her focus and left immediately afterward. "It was a tense moment after Kangana's shocking statement. It was awkward for Sugandha, but she took it in a sporting spirit and continued with the shoot," said a Firstpost report.

Kangana Ranaut, Sugandha Mishra
Kangana Ranaut, Sugandha MishraVarinder Chawla/ Twitter

Sugandha's defence

In her defence, Sugandha had later said, "I really admire Kangana and her body of work. We had a great time while shooting the episode on Voice and the camaraderie is for all to see in the episode. In fact we did an act together where she calls up Datto and says datton thappad marungi to daant toot jayenge. Imitating her and the fashion walk was all in good humour and she appreciated it. That's all I want to say and there's nothing more to it."

Later, Kangana also said that she was not offended and just wanted to have some fun. "That was for fun and the cameras. I wasn't really offended. But it's unfair to judge a person on looks, clothes, accent and other superficiality. I should know since I was bullied a lot in the early years," Kangana told Bollywood Life.

Shah Rukh Khan too had pulled Sugandha's legs the same way earlier by calling her not a good actor. It is said that Kangana even lost her cool on Kapil Sharma once as he had kept her waiting for several hours before appearing on the show.