The viewers' reviews of Mohanlal's Odiyan shared on Twitter show that the movie has failed to live up to their expectations and they hold director VA Shrikumar Menon responsible for it.

Odiyan is a fantasy thriller film written by Harikrishna of Kutty Sranku fame, directed by VA Shrikumar Menon and produced by Antony Perumbavoor under the banner Aashirvad Cinemas. The movie has received a U certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.47 hours.

Odiyan story: The film is based on the legend of the Odiyan clan, who in Kerala folklore are men who have shape-shifting abilities and can assume animal forms. Odiyans are said to have inhabited the Malabar region of Kerala before the widespread use of electricity.

Odiyan is a mega-budget movie that is made with Rs 50 crore, which is the highest ever amount for a Malayalam movie. Several aspects had generated a lot of hype curiosity and expectations about it. The film marks the directorial debut of VA Shrikumar Menon and many were wondering whether the debutante would justice to the budget and unique subject. Many viewers' answer is no!

Analysis: Odiyan has a brilliant storyline, but the director has made the film dragging in the first half and predictable in the second half. The movie has brilliant performances by lead actors and Mohanlal's acting is the biggest highlight. The film has brilliant production values and stunning special effects are the biggest attractions on the technical front, say most of the viewers.

Odiyan Twitter review: We bring you some viewers' verdict shared on Twitter. Continue to read their response.

Christopher Kanagaraj‏ @Chrissuccess

#Odiyan - Another instance where teaser is much better than the film. Poor direction & dead slow screenplay spoils d show. Mohanlal's effort, Manju Warrier's performace & BGM r on positive side. Prakashraj has been wasted. Action scenes r also not upto d mark. Very lengthy. Avg!

Movie Meter‏ @MovieMeter_

#Odiyan review: DUD!! One of the most dull screenplay I have seen in recent times. Having said that, the action scenes, esp. climax scene is too brilliant. Direction is avg. Mohanlal is amazing! Rating: 2 stars ⭐️⭐️

Praveen Pradeep‏ @PRADERT

#Odiyan #OdiyanReview Disaster movie = more hype.. Story really disappointed but performance of mohanlal,the bgm, songs were awesome 2.5/5

Rockstar‏ @Rockztar_1

#Odiyan- Interval. Punchless fantasy genre presented like a serial type narration. No where near to the hype till now !

Amjad‏ @Amjad_Offl

#Odiyan: Chandrolsavam Script Resdesigned With An Old Traditional Myth Added VFX And Some Sort Of So Called Fights @VA_Shrikumar - Credit Is All Yours Sir Heartfelt Condolences @Mohanlal For Dedicating This Much By Trusting Such A Crap Director #OdiyanRising

Vivek_v‏ @Vivekv64098153

#Odiyan will be disappointing for those who expected another pulimurugan ,For a fresh mind it's a good film my rating 3.5/5

Vishnu Narayanan‏ @VisNarayanan

I feel sad for @Mohanlal. He deserves better & the audience. When a talented actor like him is ready to perfect a character as he could, the director should ensure it's a strong script & narration is gripping. Marketing won't do wonders if the film is poor. #Odiyan

 Parvathy Nair‏ @itsmemovielover

#Odiyan #Odiyanreview 1st half : Average. 2nd half : Too lag.. Below Average. *Weak Script & Pathetic Direction.. Fight sequence + BGM is the only positive side.. #Mohanlal #ShortReview : Below average.. #Rating : 2/5* ✔

Musthu143 ‏ @Musthu1434

Watched #Odiyan Highly Disappointed Below Avrg flick... Lalettan And Manju Ok Direction was Main setback...

Shrijit Pillai‏ @PillaiShrijit

#Odiyan is the new #thugsofhindustan the director destroyed the film with his weak script and terrible direction with great actor like #Mohanlal thankgod MT vasudevan nair didn't allow @VA_Shrikumar to direct #Randamoozham and waste 1000 crs.