O Panneerselvam
O Panneerselvam

Kamal Haasan, Arvind Swami, Khushbu, Gautami and other celebs lauded former Tamil Nadu chief minister O Panneerselvam (OPS) for breaking his silence over his resignation and Jayalalithaa's death.

Pannerselvam vs Sasikala funny memes | Pannerselvam meditates at Jayalalithaa memorial

O Panneerselvam, who recently resigned from the post of chief minister, visited the the memorial of late CM J Jayalalithaa and addressed the media. He revealed that he was forced to resign from his post by Sasikala Natarajan. He visited the hospital every day, when Jayalalitha was admitted, but was never allowed to meet her. His revelation came in as a shock and surprise to the people of the state.

A host of celebs were impressed with his revelations and took to Twitter to praise him for his courage. Here are the comments of some celebs.

Kamal Haasan: Go to sleep TN. They will wake up before us. Good night.

Siddharth: #OPS in Marina! TN politics.#GOT ha! Live Game of Thrones! And House of Cards!

Arya: Great bold speech by OPS sir at the right time hats off #TnPolitics

Arvind Swami: Was eating beans while watching the news. oOPS, spilt it. Let me get some popcorn

Gautami: This is why #Amma chose #OPS he has the courage to follow his CONSCIENCE! This is #JusticeForTN and NOW #JusticeForAmma @narendramodi

Khushbu Sundar: Waiting with a bated breath..hope #OPS will break the silence..rebel or simply a homage?? drama yet to unfold.. A hero is in the making.. Just keeping my fingers crossed n hoping against hope tat the hero is not working at the behest of so called 56" dramebaaz from the capital. People in TN will have a peaceful sleep tonight except a bunch of few.. Now smiling at each other is against the law of politics??Pls wake up..thunderbolt has hit hard I guess..will take sometime 2 come 2 senses #TN..A state without a CM..The Governor is not 2 b seen..pls let thr b an act of responsibility n let the state run smoothly..we deserve it.

Dhananjayan Govind: Hats off to @CMOTamilNadu for reflecting the opinion of people of TN. Power cannot be grabbed. It has to be earned through people's mandate

Music director D Imman: There it goes! Shows signs of hope in Tamilnadu Politics! Right speech at the right time from right place! Justice prevails! #OPS

Chinmayi Sripaada: Paritraanaaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam dharma-samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge

Mohammad Kaif: I hope that everything is fine in Tamil Nadu. A state with wonderful,devoted people is going through uncertain times. Pray for well-being .

Gayatri Sai: Lets bring an ordinance that none should smile inside the assembly ... #SasiVsOPS #SupportOPS

Kartik Murali: Who is the CM of Tamil-nadu Answer Quarterly exam-Jayalalitha Halfyearly exam-Paneerselvam Annual exam-Sasi kala..too funny

Anjana Rangan: That was one amazing speech! Fate of TN is changing for good ! #OPS #TNCM

Chandini Tamilarasan: #OPS sir , very proud of you spoken at the right time , super happy #wearewithyou ..#TnPolitics

Adhik Ravichandran: Kannaaa Singo Singala Tha Varum. #OPS sir bold speech you won all our hearts!Pls reveal more inner truth.we ppl r waiting! #OPSsirappu

Arulnithi Tamilarasu: Bold speech ops sir ...u have been honest to the ppl of tn by letting them know the truth ..

Shanthnu Buddy: What a Twist in #TnPolitics !!!!! He's got the Guts A salute to him !!!! This is the song My dad #KBhagyaraj sang as soon as our Chief Minister #OPaneerSelvam stepped outta the shell Reason behind appa's tweet fr #NenjamUndu song-appa bein an ardent follower of #MGR avargal , #OPS 's sirs actions reminded him of that A #Mupparimanam in #TN politics I won't be surprised if TamilNadu has a power cut in many parts How many of u think dis cud happen?