As India celebrated one of its biggest festivals; Diwali wishes from political leaders around the world poured in. It seems that Diwali wishes from world leaders has become more of a trend.

Adding a humour quotient to the festive vibes was a New York-based comedian Feraz Shere, who took to social media to share a spoof where he tried to recreate Diwali message from Donald Trump to Justin Trudeau with a Desi Tadka of Laddoos and Diyas

Feraz shere
Feraz Shere: Screengrab/ Twitter

Shere became a social media sensation this Diwali as people even went on to say that he should be the next President of the United States. The spoof included the incumbent president Donald Trump, president-elect Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders, and the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. From Diwali parties to Laddoos, the Shere's video had it all. Shere perfectly mimicked Donald Trump and other leaders starting a laugh riot on Twitter. 

I would be a tremendous Hindu ok: Shere mimics Trump 

Donald Trump extends Diwali wishes from the White House

In his video on mimicking Donald Trump, he said, "A very happy Diwali ok, to the Hindu, Jain and Sikh people. Ok, they are celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights ok. And let me tell you, I would be a tremendous Hindu ok, I would be a beautiful Hindu coz we had a Diwali party at the White House ok, and we had thousands and thousands of diyas ok, they call them diyas, so, ok or oil lamps. Not a lot of Hindu people know that but they are called oil lamps ok, not lot of people know that but we had thousands of these oil lamps, we set record number of diyas and you look at Kamala Harris, she says, 'Oh I am Indian, I am from south Asia', I mean her diyas were a mess. It was a total mess, it looked like it was made of straws ok. It was like a black hole, there was no light whatsoever."

Feraz Shere mimics Donald TrumpTwitter

His mimicry of Bernie Sanders said, "If you host Diwali party, there should be more than enough mithai, especially ladoos to serve all of the guests. I went to a party yesterday and all I got was a bag of raisins."

Feraz Shere on Bernie SandersTwitter

Is video on Justin Trudeau said, "Happy Diwali to Canada and Canadians? I often enjoy going to Diwali parties because the Indian aunties are so friendly. They always ask me why I lost so much weight, why I am not eating enough and what my plans are to go to mid-school after I leave the office of the Prime Minister."

Feraz Shere mimics Justin TrudeauTwitter

US leaders wish on Diwali

To mark the festival, Trump shared a photo of him lighting a lamp in the White House.

President-elect Joe Biden extended wishes on behalf of himself and his wife Dr Jill Biden, Kamala Harris, who will be the first woman and Indian-origin vice-president of the United States, also extended Diwali wishes.