NVIDIA Tegra 3

The next generation Tegra 4 for smartphones and tablets wil likely feature a "Quad Core Eagle" CPU with 72-core graphics, reported The Verge.

Chip maker Nvidia (NVDA) has been flourishing in the technology market since the launch of its dual-core app processor Tegra 2 in 2011. The company continued to mark its triumph with the world's first quad-core processor Tegra 3. Off late, the company is getting attention for its upcoming processor, codenamed Wayne, for smartphones and tablets.

According to Chinese forum Chiphell, the chip maker is getting ready to launch the processor with a 4-Plus-1 Quad-Core "Eagle" CPU which is powered by ARM's Cortex A15.

The Cortex A15 could "deliver over twice the performance of today's top-of-the-line smartphones and over 4 times the aggregate performance of ARM processor-based infrastructure platforms," noted ARM's Cortex-A15 page, as quoted by the CNET.

It was also said that the new processor, which boasts a 72-core GPU, is expected to have six times graphical power than that of Tegra 3 and 20 times faster than its predecessor Tegra 2. The leaked details of the chip also touted features like 4K video playback support, display resolutions up to 2,560 x 1,600-pixels and support for USB 3.0 connectivity. Also, the Tegra 4 would consume less power.

Nvidia has been positioning its brand in the smartphone and tablet market aggressively, and the recently rumoured processor asserts this further. The company's previous chipset Tegra 3 is used in Google's Nexus 7, Microsoft' Windows RT Surface tablet, HTC One X+ and Acer Iconia Tab A700.The company's foray into the tablet market had challenged the market dominance of other chipmakers like Qualcomm.

In spite of growing speculation of a new high-powered graphic processor, Nvidia has remained silent. According to CNET, the company refused to make any comment on the rumoured product, which speculated to launch in the coming year.