Female foeticide
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The nursing staff of a government hospital in Bundi, Rajasthan, allegedly declared a newborn baby dead. However, the baby was later found to be alive by the family right before the burial.

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The family felt the baby's heartbeats and breath and rushed her back to the hospital. When the medical officer-on-duty examined the baby, she was found to be alive.

According to the Times of India, 25-year-old Durgesh Rathore, a resident of Barnara village under Silor primary health centre of the district, delivered the baby with the help of the on-duty nursing staff. There was no gynaecologist or a medical officer present during the delivery.

Deputy hospital superintendent Dr O P Verma said that the 22-to 24-weeks old premature baby weighed about 350 to 400 grams when she was delivered, but was motionless and showed no signs of breathing.

Verma also added that the two Auxiliary Nursing Midwives (ANMs) on-duty handed over the newborn to the family members asked them to take care of her by themselves as there was no movement and respiration in the body.

Later when the baby was taken back to the hospital, Dr D S Sharma examined her and she was alive. 

Dr Verma admitted to the negligence on part of nursing staff as they had not called the medical officer on duty and handed over the assumed "dead" baby to her family.

"We checked the call book of the hospital and the medical officer on duty was not called," Verma said.

A two-member committee was later formed by district collector Naresh Kumar Thakral who ordered an inquiry into the medical negligence. The committee has been asked to submit a report on Wednesday, April 5.