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Director Krish's Telugu movie NTR: Kathanayakudu starring Nandamuri Balakrishna and Vidya Balan, has received positive review and rating from the audience around the world.

NTR: Kathanayakudu is a the first installment in the two-part biographical film, based on the life of NT Rama Rao. This biopic has been written and directed by Krish and produced by Nandamuri Balakrishna, Sai Korrapati Ranganatha and Vishnu Induri under the banners NBK Films, Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram and Vibri Media. It has got a U certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 170 minutes.

NTR: Kathanayakudu story: NTR aka NT Rama Rao mesmerized and wowed people from far and wide in a film career spanning nearly five decades. He also served three terms over a period of seven years. This movie focus on his filmy career and personal life and it ends with the launch of his political party Telugu Desam Party.

Analysis: The first half of the has slow paced narration, but some scenes of Krishna and ANR keep you glued to the screens. The second half and the climax are excellent. Lead actors' performances are good, as NTR, Balakrishna steals the show. The movie has rich production values and camera work and background scores are attractions on the technical front, say the audience.

NTR: Kathanayakudu movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on this biopic shared on Twitter. Continue to see audience response.

Hamsini_Yerneni‏ @Hamsini79831066

What a movie Balakrishna garu , you have made us feel as if we were seeing our Yugapurshdu , Great acting by Vidhya Balan , you have given a greatest gift to the young generations who has not seen him . Dir Krish has proved him self once again Jai N T R #NTRKathanayakudu

Ramana Reddy‏ @iambvrreddy

Just watched #NTRKathaNayaKudu. Its just amazing. Thanks to @DirKrish for your excellent and hard work. The drama engaged the audience throughout. Specially keeravani BGM is on top notch. The entry scene of Balayya as Srikrishnudu will remain forever. My heartful Thanks to team

Sai srujan‏ @sai_pelluri

#ntrkathanayakudu Good First half with emotional family scenes and Second Half is more for Fans and Masses.. Much Needed Elevations and #NandamuriBalakrishna Excelled in Portraying #NTR Garu. Do Not Miss this Epic Bio Pic #NTRKathayanakudu Stage All Set for #NTRMahanayakudu

Shyam‏ @shyamMSDian07

#NTRKathanayakudu A well made biopic of Finest Actor and politician with perfect blend of cinematic elevations barring few lags here and there in 1st half. After Good start it slows down a bit and picks up during interval, but the latter half is too good, especially last 30 mins.

Sandeep Athreya‏ @SandeepSpeakz

#NTRKathanayakudu is a well-made and well-balanced film that Chronicles the life and times of N.T.R . #Balakrishna gets under the skin of NTR and carries the film on his shoulders. @vidya_balan is perfect cast for Basava Tarakam. She breathes life into the role. @DirKrish

Varun Rayudu™‏ @varun_rayudu

Good first half Production values & NBK as NTR is good Lags here n there but a decent 1st half mixed with emotions n elevations Lord krishna role Goosebumps #NTRKathanayakudu Good 2nd half Slightly better than the first half Lots of fans stuff Overall a good watch Hit Cinema Likely to become BO hit as well #NTRKathanayakudu

MB‏ @Keshav4005

Decent first half #NTRKathanayakudu Bit slow and lengthy. #NBK @DirKrish #Balayya Mayabazar Krishnudu entry scene BGM + Elevation Super bommaaaa!! Second half #Balayya as #NTR kummesadu. @DirKrish taking Emotional Journey! 2nd half #NTR - #ANR scenes Lab prints scene, Diviseema episode and climax Telugu Desam Party announcement scene Go watch Legend's (Hi)story #NTRKathanayakudu

Peter‏ @urstrulyPeter

1st half done.. so far decent.. steady & flat narration from krish without over elevations.. dialogues were too good.. #NTRKathanayakudu Too good 2nd half .. some scenes were feast ... over all an average to abv avg product.. appreciate balayya's performance 3/5 #NTRKathanayakudu

Winter‏ @superrbowl

1st half is just ok.. few episodes are good..Krishna episode is feast for fans..#NTRKathaNayaKudu #NTRKathaNayaKudu 2nd half is decent.. but lacks emotional connect and is very lengthy..overall one time watch.Balakrishna acted well..

TeluguOdu‏ @TeluguOdu

#NTRKathaNayaKudu Masterpiece of an inspiring biopic of a timeless legend, magically loaded with mass & goosebump moments. Enthralling with glimpses of iconic characters of #NTR, power packed, emotionally charging & igniting #Balakrishna @DirKrish @RanaDaggubati #NTRBiopic

RB‏ @RamAapathi

Done with halfway #NTRKathanayakudu superb.. every frame fantastic .. every one lived in their characters.#NTRBiopic Done with second half.. #NTRKathanayakudu itz all about how raised as hero n shows the character of NTR .. ended with announcement of TELUGU DESAM PATRY .. waiting fr Mahanayakudu to feel the pride of a TELUGU. Go ahead guys #NTRBiopic

Dreamer‏ @sunny_pspk

#NTRKathanayakudu decent first half.. first 45 mins slow and bhajana.. from Krishnudi get up bagundi mvi.. baal sir subtle performance istunnaru first time #NTRKathanayukudu Good second half.. total above avg.. Balayya ba chesaru.. some elevations went overboard..

Sushanth Nallapareddy‏ @sushanthreddy

Mayabazaar scene *goosebumps* #NTRKathanayukudu Mana party... mana party... TELUGU DESAM !!... terrific final moment that was. Good first half but 2nd half got little tedious. Terrific performance all around l. All characters shine... especially ANR !! #NTRKathanayakudu glorifies it's hero and it does quite well !! Transition from kathanayakudu to mahanayakudu was pretty seamless. Balakrishna was pretty good... though he went overboard here and there. Great production values... #NTRKathanayakudu There so many nice moments from so many classics of NTR... Gundamma katha, Ravanasudu episode and Mayabazar were my personal favorites. Personally I fee this Krish's best work since Vedham. #NTRKathanayakudu

puri sukumar‏ @saishashank4u

Well weaven story with many amazing and heart touching moments.Apt performances from the actors.Thank you @DirKrish for bringing the LEGEND back to life #NTRkathanayakudu Outstanding work from the writing department and the background score is top notch #NTRkathanayakudu


#NTRkathanayakudu Balayya Babu entering in God Srikrishna's set up is the best elevation scene we have seen in recent times.. #NTRkathanayakudu First Half Report- Okayish First Half Balayya's Performance Dialogues are good BGM is pretty good No emotional connect Lengthy and slow Depends on how 2nd half shapes out. #NTRKathanayakudu Overall Report - A Decent One Time Watch! Positives- Balayya's Performance Few Elevation Scenes Dialogues & BGM Negatives- No Emotional Connect to the character/film Feels like many patches in the film Lags in 1st half #NTRBiopic

Rishi❤️‏ @urstrulyjak

Average 1st half.. Superb second half.. Reports so far.. Fans kakunda general audience Ela react avutaro chudali.. Breakeven kastame anukunta.. #NTRKathanayakudu

#NTR‏ @itssatya9999

First off done... @DirKrish thank u... krishna scene.. savitri scene... thota ramudi scene... #ntrkathanayakudu

Chenna #Petta‏ @chenna_prince

Excellent Second Half Balakrishna & Krish & Dialogues Emotions + Elevations Feast For N Fans #NTRKathaNayaKudu

Avinash Tarak ‏ @Tarak_Avinash

Sankranti Blockbuster fix flawless movie @DirKrish is master director aa Krishnudu character lo #NTR entry scene dramatisation Keervani BGM Deviseema episodes, NTR emotional connect with people Part Announcement is just Goosebumps #NTRBiopic #NTRKathanayakudu

Gagan‏ @gaganratakonda2

Good 1st half and @mmkeeravaani bgm is top notch #NTRKathanayukudu Terrific 2nd half @DirKrish u nailed it congrats to the whole team. Especially krishna scene and party announcement scenes are#NandamuriBalakrishna @writersaimadhav dialogues @mmkeeravaani sir bgm Eagerly waiting for #NTRMAHANAYAAKUDU jai N T R ✊#NTRKathayanakudu

AA19‏ @Dasari1234Sr

Good First Half 2nd Half #NandamuriBalakrishna Brother Samepsad @DirKrish WoW Anthey Ika @mmkeeravaani BGM's Goosebumps Totally A Good One To Watch #NTRKathanayakudu

Mahesh S Koneru @smkoneru

NTR as Lord Srikrishna . This entry scene will be remembered for a long time #NTRKathanayakudu .. hats off to Balayya Babu and @DirKrish for pulling off a rich tribute to Anna garu ..

Vamsi-Shekar‏ @UrsVamsiShekar

#NTRKathanayakudu First half: Thoroughly engaging with every bit of NTR cine life. NBK portrays the role of NTR with utmost respect. Honest performance is the biggest highlight. @DirKrish @mmkeeravaani kept their souls for the film DhanaVeeraSooraKarna recreated and its magical NBK as Karna, Suyodhana Chitram Bhalare Vichitram @shriya1109 #NTRKathanayakudu #NTRKathanayakudu concludes with NTR announcing Telugu Desam Party. Second half: On par with first half. More emotional and has a lot more than NTR's cinema life. Common audience will see the unknown of NTR High tribute to NTR

Suresh Kondi‏ @V6_Suresh

Super liked first half. Srikrishna Getup scene,Ravanasura scene are terrific..Well done #NBK & @DirKrish #NTRKathaNayaKudu..