students protesting Trump
Berkeley High School students protest against the election of Republican Donald Trump as US President.Reuters

Protest in the United States against President-Elect Donald Trump has continued into the second week with thousands of people marching on the streets to protest against his presidency. Leading these protests across America are the millennial, which constitute students from schools and colleges.

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump's election win last week on Tuesday has not gone down well with many people across the world. However, it seems to have hit the millennial of the United States the hardest, who believe that Trump's ideologies will divide America and promote hate against minorities.

Reports state that thousands are students are marching out of schools across the nation, chanting slogans like "Not my President." New surge of protesters was seen on the streets after Donald Trump appointed controversial Stephen Bannon as his Senior Counsellor and chief Strategist. Bannon has been infamous for promoting white supremacy and has expressed Islamophobic, racist and sexist views through his website Breitbart News.

According to the estimates of the Los Angeles Unified School District, around 4,000 students walked out of their classes from across the country to protest against Republican Trump. Officials from Seattle Public Schools stated that around 5,000 students walked out of 20 high schools and middle schools on Monday.

Hundreds of young people in Portland, Oregon, Montgomery County, Maryland, and the San Francisco Bay Area were also seen marching protests against Trump in the streets.

Ever since Trump won the US presidential elections, hundreds of thousands of people in major cities in the United States have taken to the streets rejecting Trump's presidency. The protests in big cities like New York and Los Angeles were largely peaceful, except for the one in Portland, Oregon which led to violence and rioting, but was later brought under control by police through tear-gas shelling.

Trump, during his presidential campaign, had made hateful remarks against immigrants, women and Muslims. Trump called Mexicans rapists and drug peddlers and has proposed to build a wall along the US-Mexican border to keep the immigrants out. He has also proposed a ban on all Muslims entering the US. The President-elect had also shocked the nation over his derogatory remarks on women, especially his lewd comments which were revealed in a video recording of 2005, where he openly bragged about sexually assaulting women.