Bangalore-based startup Notion Ink is all set to roll out its next tablet, Adam 2, in June 2013.

Launch deyails of the tablet which was announced in January 2012 has been kept in the dark for reasons which are yet to be clarified. According to a recent reprt, the firm is set to make a comeback with Adam 2, which is the successor of Notion Ink's first Android tablets Adam.

A report from NextBigWhat which claimed to have received credible information said Notion Ink's Adam 2 is expected to come in early June with a unique design which has two displays. Reportedly, the tablet is currently being tested. The report also said the company's two special teams located outside the country are working on the tablet.

"The main focus this time is on the design of the device as compared to specifications. Specifications have saturated now. Adding more cores doesn't mean anything. We will have a very unique design with two displays!," said the media team of the company.

Adam 2 was suppose to run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but is now expected to pack the upgraded version of Android. Earlier in 2012, the company's founder Rohan Shravan had said the tablet will come with an OMAP44xx processor, Wi-Link 7.0 and Phoenix Audio Power Amplifiers in partnership with Texas Instruments (TI), but the NextBigWhat report suggested that this partnership might have been called off.

"Adam II was also supposed to use other TI components like Wi-Link 7.0 and Phoenix Audio Power Amplifiers. This seems to have fallen through," the report said.

The company is yet to reveal the pricing of the tablet.