UAE is known for its harsh rules and regulations. Not following the government orders often results in exorbitant penalties. Now, the UAE is implementing huge fines in order to maintain order in its countries.

In a press conference on Monday, UAE released a revised list of fines for those who violate COVID-19 regulations. The United Arab Emirates has also enforced a nationwide curfew starting Wednesday until further notice. The curfew hours have been extended by two hours ahead of the upcoming Eid ul-Fitr, which would now start at 8 p.m. and continue till 6 a.m. The restrictions won't be eased on the occasion of Eid as well.

In the new restrictions imposed by the government, malls and shopping centers are exempted but only from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., supermarkets can run 24 hours and restaurants can operate on the condition that they only provide takeaways. But what really raised eyebrows around the world are the revised penalties for violating the curfew regulations.

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UAE's exorbitant penalties

Going against the government orders will fetch massive penalties and in some cases even employers will be fined. Here's a list of restricted activities and fines for those who violate COVID-19 rules and regulations.

Offenses Fine / penalties
Opening schools, gyms, cinema, parks, cafes, restaurants, pools 50,000 dirham (Rs 10.3 lakh)
Not abiding by opening, closing timings of parks, restaurants etc 50,000 dirham (Rs 10.3 lakh)
Individuals who had or have coronavirus refusing to download COVID-19 tracing app 10,000 dirham (Rs 2 lakh)
Tampering with tracking device or app installed by authorities 20,000 dirham (Rs 4 lakh)
Not placing thermal cameras where required 20,000 dirham (Rs 4 lakh)
Hosting parties, gatherings 10,000 dirham (Rs 2 lakh) for host / 5,000 dirham (Rs 1 lakh) for each attendee
More than 3 people travelling, no masks 3,000 dirham (Rs 60,000)
Not wearing masks at work, offices 5,000 dirham (Rs 1 lakh) for company, 500 dirham (Rs 10,000) for employee
Not maintaining 30 percent limit in office 3,000 dirham (Rs 60,000)
Not maintaining social distancing in public 3,000 dirham (Rs 60,000) for person, 5,000 dirham (Rs 1 lakh) for institution
Shops operating beyond permitted times 5,000 dirham (Rs 1 lakh)
Refusing COVID-19 test 5,000 dirham (Rs 1 lakh)
Refusing follow-up COVID-19 test after two weeks 1,000 dirham (Rs 20,000)
Violating restrictions during sterilisation period 3,000 dirham (Rs 60,000)
Private tutors violating rules 30,000 dirham (Rs 6 lakh), 20,000 dirham (Rs 4 lakh) for host
Transferring workers between emirates 10,000 dirham (Rs 2 lakh) + vehicle seizure
Failing to comply with home/health quarantine 5,000 dirham (Rs 1 lakh)
Repeat offenders 100,000 dirham (Rs 20.6 lakh)