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The declaration of Ranbir Kapoor's love for Alia Bhatt brought along a lot of appreciation, excitement and happiness among their fans. However, soon, it also opened gates to a lot of conjectures, rumours and speculations about an apparent tiff in their relationship.

Both, Alia and Ranbir have been prodded innumerable times about an impending wedding and trouble in their paradise. Needless to say, Alia Bhatt does get upset reading about it. Talking to DNA about the rumours of her being sad in the relationship, the Gully Boy actress said, "I just can't believe that my frown has become a sensation and a new story is being cooked up every day about how I'm sad. It's not true. I don't find the need to clarify it because in my heart, if I know what the truth is, nothing else really matters."

Elaborating on the paparazzi asking her about her wedding with Ranbir Kapoor, Alia says that the question irritates her but, her answer has always been the same. She says that she doesn't understand the need to discuss her marriage updates all the time. But, since she is not getting married anytime soon, that is what she says. Further elaborating, Bhatt said that she is happy being in a relationship but not tying the knot just yet.

However, her response to marriage makes us wonder if she is the one who is not ready to take the plunge. Further elaborating on the topic, Alia Bhatt had quipped that she is too young to think about marriage and when she feels the need to go for something stronger she would tie the knot.

"I'm too young to think about it. When I feel there's a need to be in a stronger bond with him, we will come to it. But right now, I'm married to my work and I also have my relationship going well on the side," she said.