Dhruvam, directed by Joshiy is widely considered as a cult classic ever made in the history of Mollywood. The film which was released in 1993 starred Mammootty in the lead role, while the supporting star cast includes, Vikram, Suresh Gopi, Jayaram, Gauthami, and TG Ravi.

In the film, Mammootty played the role of Narasimha Mannadiyar, popularly described as ''half man half lion.'' The story of the film was written by AK Sajan, while the screenplay was handled by legendary writer SN Swami. And now, in a recent interview, AK Sajan has revealed that Mammootty was not his first choice for Dhruvam. 

Mohanlal (Left), Mammotty (Right)YouTube

Mohanlal was AK Sajan's first choice in Dhruvam

In a recent interview given to the Cue, AK Sajan revealed that Mohanlal was his first choice in the movie Dhruvam. However, the storyline of the movie was then quite different. AK Sajan initially wrote the story with a hangman as the lead character. He narrated this story to different directors, but they told that it lacked commercial elements. 

Later, he discussed the storyline with SN Swami, and he suggested that they can rework the story with Narasimha Mannadiyar as the lead character. Swami also added that Mammootty will be the perfect choice to play the role of the Mannadiyar. The story and script impressed hitmaker Joshiy as well, and it paved the way for Dhruvam, one of the biggest hits in Mollywood. 

Later, the makers of the movie roped in TG Ravi to play the character of the hangman named Kasi. 

Dhruvam: One of the biggest Mollywood blockbusters

Dhruvam is a film which has huge repeat value' all credit goes to Joshiy's impeccable craft, and brilliant acting by its lead actors. The film revolves around the story of Narasimha Mannadiyar who seeks vengeance against Hyder Marakkar who killed Narasimha's brother Veerasimha. In this journey, Mannadiyar gets the help of Jose Nariman (Suresh Gopi), a daring police officer.