Sunny Leone and Sunny Deol
Sunny Leone and Sunny DeolTwitter/Varinder Chawla

While Sunny Deol must be elated to see himself leading against Congress candidate Sunil Jakhar for Gurdaspur seat, Sunny Leone seems to be equally excited about the same, but for a funny reason.

Leone on Thursday morning made a tweet, asking, "Leading by How many votes?" While many might get confused to see her tweet as she did not contest any election, she got a mention by anchor Arnab Goswami, of course mistakenly.

In a debate show, Arnab mistakenly mentioned Sunny Leone instead of Sunny Deol while analysing his vote counts. Although he was quick to correct his goof-up, the video went viral on social media like wildfire.

Leone too appears to have come across the clip, and now she chose to have some fun with it. Her tweet asking vote count left many on social media in splits. The tweet received many comments of people appreciating her sense of humour.

Meanwhile, initial counting suggested that Deol will win the seat from Gurdaspur. This is his debut into politics as he was nominated by BJP to represent the constituency, which was earlier held by Vinod Khanna.

Deol's candidature was much talked about as Khanna's wife Kavita was expecting to get the nomination from the party.