Norman Reedus celebrates his 47th birthday on Wednesday, 6 January, 2016. The actor is best known for playing Daryl Dixon on AMC series "The Walking Dead". In fact, his character has become so popular that fans now shudder at the thought of Daryl Dixon's death on the show. While the actor has been in the news more or less because of "The Walking Dead" season 6, which is currently on a midseason break, but recently, he made headlines due to a rumoured link-up with the former "The Vampire Diaries" star Nina Dobrev.

As fans of "The Walking Dead" eagerly wait for season 6 to return for the midseason premiere on 14 February, 2016, there have been major speculations about how Daryl Dixon may die when the show returns. And these rumours went wild after "The Walking Dead" writer Robert Kirkman teased that a lot of people will die in season 6 episode 9, "No Way Out" and that the episode could feature the death of a fan-favourite character.

But, this is not the only rumour haunting Norman Reedus. Recently, during the America Music Awards, Nina Dobrev shared a photo of herself with the actor and the buzz went viral that Ian Somerhalder's ex-girlfriend is getting close to "The Walking Dead" actor as she wants to get a promising role in the AMC series. It was reported that Reedus could be the only one who could help her bag that role and hence, she has been busy impressing him.

Though these rumours were debunked immediately and Gossip Cop rubbished these reports saying that, it's complete "nonsense", many still wonder if that picture meant something.

Now, we know that Nina Dobrev is officially dating actor Austin Stowell, so it's quite obvious that the Reedus news was just a rumour. But fans think that since the two of them hit it off so well during the America Music Awards, Norman Reedus may reconnect and actually consider celebrating his birthday with the Nina Dobrev.

Well, we need to wait and watch.