As a heat wave sweeps across most of the planet, keeping cool is not only a want, but also a need. The best way to keep cool is with an AC, but they're usually fixed to one window and moving them is not exactly recommended. This is where Noria comes to the rescue.

Yet another bright idea on Kickstarter, Noria is a smart AC that can be installed on any window, as long as the window slides up to open. Setting it up is as simple as putting it on the window sill and pulling the window shut. The width is adjustable too and once plugged in, the AC can work its magic.

According to Noria, the AC is capable of cooling a 160-square-foot room and does this despite the fact that it's only six inches tall. It's in fact about 40 percent smaller than the average window AC. While not much is known about the inner workings and how the makers managed to make it so small, some of the efficiency is related to how it cools a room.

Noria, instead of blowing the air parallel to the ground, directs the cool air towards the ceiling. This creates a convective cycle that ensures that the room is cooled evenly. If a different room needs cooling, all one needs to do is pick the AC up and set it up elsewhere. When the season is over, the AC can be take off the windows and stowed away until its needs are felt again.

Being a smart AC, the Noria can not only be controlled via its physical control interface, but also through a smartphone app, which connects to the AC via Bluetooth. The Kickstarter campaign has already hit its target of $250,000 and is available for $299. Too bad it doesn't ship till March 2017.