Search engine giant, Google has started rolling out the much-awaited song recognition feature to Google Assistant feature in several branded Android phones.

Google's new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based music recognition feature was announced first for the new Pixel 2 series phones in October and was promised to be released to non-Pixel phones in the coming weeks.

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Keeping true to its words, Google has upgraded the new Google Assistant feature to all eligible devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above versions. Going forward, mobile phone users will be able to trigger Google Assistant and use natural language commands to identify songs.

It is said to work similar to music recognition application Shazam. If users start using the Google Assistant to identify the background score, they are certain to dump the Shazam app and save precious storage space, particularly in phones having 16GB and 8GB memory.

Here's how to get started with Google Assistant music-recognition feature:

As said before, Android users can just have one-on-one conversation with the Google Assistant, provided 'Voice' is enabled as 'preferred input'.

Google Assistant app
Google Assistant appPlay Store

Once that is done, users can casually ask Google Assistant: OK Google 'What's this song?' or 'What song is this?'. With access to vast information in its database, Google will list out accurate song on the phone screen on the lines of Shazam, if not better.

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If the song is loud in the background, AI-based Google Assistant automatically asks the user if he/she wants to know the name of the song or play it on the phone, Android Police reported.

Since this is a phased roll-out, it will take a few days to reach all regions across the globe.

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