Kannada actor Rakshit Shetty has refuted the rumours about a non-bailable warrant against him in connection to the plagiarism case on Kirik Party. He says that his team has won this case a year ago, but did not speak about it for good reason.

Lahari Audio had filed a plagiarism case against the makers of Kirik Party in 2016. In its complaint, the music label had alleged that its song 'Hey who are you' was copied from the 'Madya ratrili' from Shanti Kranti without permission. Four years after this, a picture of non-bailable warrant against Rakshit Shetty and team created a lot of buzz on social media yesterday.

Plagiarism case against Kirik Party
Plagiarism case against Kirik PartyCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

A journalist named S Shyam Prasad tweeted the photo on Tuesday and wrote, "Non-Bailable Warrant issued by Magistrate court against Paramvah Studios Rakshit Shetty and Ajaneesh Lokhnath in Kirik Party song plagiarism case. They had failed to appear before the court even after summons were served on them. This led to the NBWs. Lahari Audio has alleged that the 'Hey Who Are You Song' in Kirik Party has been copied from the 'Madya Ratrili' song from Shanti Kranti without permission."

Responding to S Shyam Prasad, Rakshit Shetty dubbed the news as falls as his team has won this case a year ago. The filmmaker replied, "I am talking for all three of us here. We had already won this case a year back and even received back our security deposit of 10 lakhs from the court. We did not make it news then for good reasons..."

Rakshit Shetty
Rakshit Shetty.PR Handout

Rakshit Shetty took to his Twitter account again to expose how the speculation about non-bailable warrant against him started. In a series of tweets, the Sandalwood actor also cleared the air surrounding the plagiarism case on Kirik Party. He stated that his team has won the case in the Civil and High court.

Here is the series of tweets of Rakshit Shetty:

All these online articles started once these two pics started floating on the whatssap groups. Who started it? Who ever did, sorry you dint do a smart job. I got these pics from the initial group where it started and you have left your foot prints there brother. A big one

We have won the case in Civil court and the High court. What's the point in filing another case on the same issue? Also the second case was filed six months back but none of us, including our lawyers, were informed regarding the same. Why

This one says 'the summons were duly served and ACKNWOLEDGEMENTS were received in court'. None of us were summoned directly nor anyone in my office or @AJANEESHB studio received any letter. Who signed the acknowledgment letters then? I would love to see those signatures

Last time when they had put a case against us (After a month of the music release but exactly a day before the premier show)... their advocate contacted us and gave us the stay order for film release and took an acknowledgement personally from each of us...

We decided to fight back for what we believed was right and not budge to these. Our film release was under risk but we stood our ground. Luckily we were able to cut the song at the last moment and release the film. With courts permission, we included the song second week..

After a year of hard work, when we should have been celebrating the release and success of KP, we were running around managing legal issue on the previous night of the release and this continued for next few days. We celebrated the success only after the song was added back...

A year later when we won that case, the whole team celebrated but we did not announce it in public for we dint want the losing party to be targeted again in any way. Infact we thanked them in solitude. Court, Kacheri was a new experience for us and we got to learn new things...

I never spoke about it before for good reasons, but seems like there are many more beautiful experiences and new learnings coming our way. This time I will keep you all updated This is going to be fun