Nokia Lumia 720.
Nokia Lumia 720.Twitter/@NokiaIndonesia

Nokia has reportedly been planning a new application regarding pictures and photography, which has leaked online. The app is expected to let the users create a story with the help of their albums.

The app, called 'Storyteller' is believed to be available for Windows devices only, which will showcase a timeline or a photomap from the album images. A favourite and a shared tab can be also seen from the leaked image of the application that is expected to enable the users to share their photos with their close ones.

The app is said to be similar to Apple's Photo Stream tool. Ev Leaks, one of the renowned communities for gadget-related leaks revealed the image and stated that the app will officially release at the much hyped forthcoming event of Nokia on 22 Oct.

"Bandit. Sirius. Storyteller. 10/22," states the tweet. This also indicates that the app might come in-built with Nokia Bandit, and Sirius also known as Lumia 1520 phablet and Nokia 2520 tablet respectively.

The Nokia 22 Oct. Event at Abu Dhabi is expected to reveal the rumoured Nokia's 10.1in Windows RT tablet, codenamed Sirius along with a 6in Phablet, Lumia 1520 codenamed Bandit. However, one would get to know about the details only at the event.

In related news, Nokia is planning to follow Samsung and introduce a hovering interaction feature on the handsets for typing and panning of texts and other objects. The latest patent filled by the Finnish tech firm indicates the touch less interaction technology for the Lumia phones.

" respond to detecting a users digit at a location hovering over but not touching the touch screen by causing display of a first object at a location corresponding to the location of the digit to be changed from an original size to an enlarged size whilst causing display of other objects to remain substantially or exactly at their original size..," stated the patent file.