Millennials from across the country who dominated the influencer space were taken aback following the Modi government's decision on TikTok ban. This decision left thousands of TikTok stars and their followers in the lurch.

Having said that was it difficult for the TikTokers to move on after the Chinese video-sharing app was banned which claimed to have over 120 million monthly active users in India? Amid the fear of losing followers, Bengaluru based TikTokers found a silver lining and are back with a bang on other apps that are cropping up as alternatives. 

Homegrown apps, like Mitron, Chingari, InMobi's Reposo and Instagram's latest feature Reel have replaced the Chinese video-sharing app for Bengaluru's TikTokers as they are re-releasing their old videos on these platforms to retain their followers all around the world. 

TikTokers turning into Instagrammers

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A resident of Vasanth Nagar, Shirin Raj has been doing TikTok video videos for four years now and has shot around 2,000 videos. But 150 of them had gone viral and thus, she earned her celebrity status. According to Bangalore Mirror, Raj said, "Though apps like Roposo is similar to TikTok, the quality and collaboration utilities were better in TikTok. 

Another influencer who became a TikToker to an Instagrammer overnight expressed that the shift from TikTok to other apps was not very difficult and people loved him for conceptualised videos and follow him on Instagram too. 

Bangalore Mirror reported, Chandana Gowda, who had 84,000 followers only from Bengaluru created about 400 videos did not take the ban seriously and lost all her videos crafted on TikTok. But to her surprise, her fans help her rebuild her page on Insta by sending her own TikTok videos. 

We will have to wait and watch will the influencers be able to exhibit their creativity on other video-sharing apps and still be able to retain their fanbase.