Come November and men in India are ready to ditch their razors, electric trimmers, and a weekly trip to the corner barbershop. Known as Movember or No Shave November, the month is all about growing the mane, the beard, and the mustache to raise awareness about men's health. Although the momentum fell weak during the pandemic; recurring lockdowns, work from home, and sheer laziness gave the boys a hearty chance to quit blading their facial hair and rather invest in living with it. 

Recently, a beard championship held in Bavaria, Germany saw men turn up from all parts of Europe to participate in a 'Beard Olympics' of sorts.

This year, 100 men came to test their facial hair mettle, with participants coming from Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Israel as well as Germany, reported the Metro UK. And it was up to a panel of seven trained barbers and hairdressers to choose the winners across the multiple categories.

Christian Feich from Germany styles his beard
Christian Feich from Germany styles his beardReuters

Organized by East Bavarian Beard and Moustache Club, beards were to be assessed on basis of mass, measuring length and density. According to Christian Feicht, Future president of the host organization that held the friendly event, the competitors had a 'certain ambition and seriousness'.

Upon being asked, the secret to a strong and outstanding beard, he said, "Hairspray and hairdryer are the two basic things, which are used most." He further went on to add that while some men swear by mustache wax or mousse, the good old hairspray works well too. 

And if you thought the event was by the men, for the men, and judged by men alone, watch till the end of the video where a woman can be seen giving out points too.

Winning beard styles at the USA Beard Championship
Winning beard styles at the USA Beard ChampionshipInstagram/beardchampsusa

Earlier in September, another similar championship was held in the United States of America. The 2021 National Beard and Moustache Championship, presented by Honest Amish, took place in the heart of Lackawanna County in Pennsylvania.