After a video of Hosakote PSI celebrating his birthday and promotion at the police station with his friends, well-wishers and staff went viral, Karnataka police officers have received new orders. DG & IGP Praveen Sood, IPS, has issued new guidelines to all police stations to maintain a decorum and uphold the reputation of the force.

The DG has directed police officers not to allow any private functions at the station or invite public for any programmes, while instructing officers to maintain discipline and decorum while attending any programme.

"Transfers and promotion are part of the administrative procedure. It is natural for the staff to organise a formal send-off and welcome programme," Mr. Sood said, adding that such programmes should be limited to the staff members without inviting public.

Praveen Sood IPS
Praveen Sood IPS

The viral video and criticism

Sood, IPS, issued the new instructions after a video of Hosakote PSI, C.M. Raju, celebrated his birthday and promotion at the police station on June 2 in presence of his friends and staff. The video showed a huge cake was ordered with "BOSS" written on it, people dancing, cheering and bursting crackers in celebration.

The video of the event went viral on social media and drew huge criticism against the force.

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"A police officer has the responsibility of crime prevention and maintaining law and order in the society, and their action and behaviour in uniform is a reflection of the entire department and the society," DG & IGP said.

The order also instructed officers to avoid attending public events unless related to crime prevention or raising awareness on public safety. In case any police officer wishes to attend a public function, prior permission from a senior is recommended.