Lisa becomes a veterinarian in latest episode?
Lisa becomes a veterinarian in latest episode?Lisa becomes a veterinarian in latest episode?

In the upcoming episode titled "Lisa the Veterinarian" of "The Simpsons" Season 27, Lisa becomes a veterinarian as she performs the CPR on a raccoon while Marge cleans crime scenes to make some extra money.

The next episode of "The Simpsons" will air on March 6 instead of tonight. According to the synopsis of the episode, "Lisa becomes a veterinarian after performing CPR on a raccoon, and learns a harsh lesson when the neglected class hamster dies. Meanwhile, Marge makes a little extra money cleaning up crime scenes."

Lisa always wanted to be a vet and her dreams come true when she gets the chance to perform the CPR on an unconscious raccoon. However, things worsen as she decides to perform more complicated operations on other animals that lead to a hamster's death.

In the meantime, tired of persuading Homer to do more than one job, Marge decides to do something of her own and gets a job of cleaning the crime scenes. Though she doesn't like the job much, she is happy that now she is getting more money for the family.

In the previous episode titled "Gal of Constant Sorrow," Bart and Lisa took in a homeless woman to live with them, where they discovered that she was a talented folk singer. Meanwhile, Homer accidentally trapped the cat in the walls of the house.

Bart found the woman on the street near his home and brought her in. However, much to his delight, soon he realised the woman was a celebrity folk singer, and he planned to make money through her skills.

Elsewhere, Homer mistakenly trapped his cat in a room and forgot about it. Afterwards, the cat was unable to get out of the room and eventually she suffocated and died.