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The upcoming episode of "Power Rangers Dino Super Charge," titled "Gone Fishin," will be aired April 16 instead of April 9 due to the series undergoing a season hiatus.

The official synopsis of "Gone Fishin" has not been revealed yet. However, fans are speculating that one of the prominent villains from the franchise will be introduced in the next episode.

According to Toku Nation, DeboVacashun (the Ice Cream One) might appear in the upcoming episode. One of the fans has also speculated that the Rangers will fight Debo Tairyon in the episode.

The discussion section of Toku Nation also states that Silver Ranger might be introduced in Episode 10. However, there has been no such official confirmation yet.

In the previous episode, titled "Besties 4Eva!," Shelby's friend Erin tried to steal credit from the Pink Ranger. However, her planned went wrong and Shelby a.k.a. Pink Ranger soon found about her stealing habit.

Afterwards, Shelby confronted Erin and eventually Erin realised her mistake and apologised for it. The moment it seemed that things were going well, something unexpected happened and all the Rangers came together to find a new monster.

Previously, Ivan discovered a 1,000-year-old suit of armour. He mistook it for a training dummy and started to practise on it, unaware of its powers.

As soon as Heckyl came to know about the armour, he designed a new monster to steal it. The monster had the power to spread greed among the Rangers so that they start fighting with each other and he could easily sneak into their headquarters.

When Ivan finally realised the true powers of the armour, he was shocked and cursed himself for treating it as mere training equipment. It was later revealed that the armour had several supernatural powers and Ivan, along with the other Rangers, tried to retrieve it before the monster.