After giving the shock of our lives by sending Mike away for conspiracy to commit fraud, "Suits" has gone on a mid-season hiatus. While we wait it out till winter – most possibly the end of January – for the airing of season 5 episode 11, we will be sniffing around for plot spoilers and casting updates to get you your regular dose of "Suits" news.

In "Suits" season 5 summer finale, we saw Harvey (Gabirel Macht) and Mike (Patrick J Adams) both make life-changing decisions; both of which involves leaving what could now be Pearson Litt. Mike is afraid of what will happen when the web of lies that he has weaved comes undone. It could not only ruin his life, but also that of his fiancée, Rachel (Mehgam Markle).

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He had finally come to terms with the fact that he will have to give up his job at Pearson Specter Litt to enjoy a fear-free life with Rachel. He was looking forward to finding a career which does not require him to lie about having a law degree, and his mentor Harvey had also given his blessings. But just as he was sharing the great news with Rachel he gets conspiracy to commit fraud.

Normally, our first thought would be directed towards Harvey, and the known fact that he would do anything to get Mike out of jail. However, as of now he is out of the game. Harvey protected Jessica's (Gina Torres) position in the firm by making a deal with Charles Forstman (Eric Roberts), who only wishes to see Harvey fail.

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The named partner and Jessica's right hand man agrees to step down and quit, in order to save Jessica from getting thrown out of her own firm. Although Jessica tried to stop him from doing it, Harvey seemed pretty resolved to go ahead with the decision. Could Mike's arrest be the trigger that makes Harvey stay back?

Where does Mike's arrest leave his relationship with Rachel? Will they get married if her parents try to forbid her from being with a fraud? The scenario of Mike's arrest also begs the question, was it one of Rachel's parents that outed him?

We will answer all the questions one by one, so do not forget to check back here for regular scoops of "Suits" updates.