After an entertaining episode 10 on 24 November, CBS' "Limitless" is on a two-week break. The network will not be airing season 1 episode 11, titled "This is Your Brian on Drugs" as per its schedule on Tuesday, 8 December. The fans can look forward to watching the next episode on 15 December, 2015.

In episode 10 titled, "Arm-ageddon" we saw how Brian is asked by Agent Boyle to help with his ranger friend whose wife was killed by his brain-controlled prosthetic. The episode's main highlight was Dennis and Brian coming to terms with Brian working for the FBI. Brian is finally seen confessing to Dennis about what he has been doing for the past few weeks. And then, Dennis starts figuring out how to get Brian out of the FBI and off NZT.

Meanwhile, Brian's father betrays his confidence to a lawyer, leading to danger that Morra will find out. Brian can't believe that his dad is prepping up to fight a big legal battle against his bosses while he is busy catching a murderer. The episode also delved deeper into Boyle's backstory, introducing viewers to one of his old army ranger buddies Aaron Shaw.

Now, there's is no official synopsis released by CBS for episode 11, but one thing that viewers will want to see getting set right in "This is Your Brian on Drugs" is Brian's struggle to tell his father the truth about NZT, without letting Senator Morra know about it, so that he can stay safe and alive.

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