"Limitless", which is based on Bradley Copper starrer movie by the same name, has been consistently getting good ratings and has officially joined the list of the freshman TV series to receive a full-season order with 22-episode order. And, the viewers seem to be hooked to this thrilling story in the last seven episodes and the action continues to unravel this week with episode 8, titled 'When Pirates Pirate Pirates'.

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In last week's episode 7, we saw how Brian fakes being sick when Mike & Ike show up for his morning NZT pill and creates his own version of Ferris Bueller's "Day Off". But unfortunately, gets abducted by the CIA even before he leaves his apartment, to borrow his NZT-enhanced capabilities for a black-ops mission.

Finch is forced to work with the CIA on a secret mission and discovers that he is in trouble as he learns that the ops team now plans to kill their target. But by the end of the episode, it's revealed that the CIA kidnapped Brian to be able to utilise his abilities for this secret ops mission.

In this week's episode 8, we will see Brian and Rebecca going to rescue Naz and they will meet Naz's daughter, Ava, while trying to clear Naz of terrorism charges. But, as the episode progresses, a secret will be revealed.

The promo of "When Pirates Pirate Pirates" teases that Brian and Rebecca start their own investigation and try to clear Naz, who has been detained on charges of terrorism. And as the two of them investigate deeper, they learn shocking details about Naz's past. Ava will reveal a troubling family secret that Naz has not told the FBI about even though agents have to reveal their pasts to the agency.

Plot synopsis of "When Pirates Pirate Pirates" reads:
"Brian tangles with real pirates who are holding a girl against her will; at the same time, he and Rebecca work to clear Naz of treason charges, only to discover that there's a family secret she is keeping from the FBI."

"Limitless" Episode 8, titled "When Pirates Pirate Pirates", will be aired on CBS on 10 November at 10 pm.