Theo Galavan was resurrected by Doctor Strange in Season 2 episode 18 of "Gotham"
Theo Galavan was resurrected by Doctor Strange in Season 2 episode 18 of "Gotham"Facebook/Gotham

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After the spectacular return of Theo Galavan (James Frain) in "Gotham" Season 2 episode 18, fans can expect to see Doctor Strange (BD Wong) reviving a few more beloved villains soon. However, it is not going to happen this week, because "Gotham" has gone on a short break.

The show will return to Fox on Monday, May 2 with Season 2 episode 19 titled "Azrael." The episode will see more of Dr Strange and his experiments. Although Galavan's return gives momentum to the wrath of the villains, it is Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) that most "Gotham" fans want to see alive.

However, before Jerome's return, we will probably get to see Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith). After all, Smith is slated to make a comeback this season and it will hopefully sooner rather than later.

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Detective Gordon (Ben McKenzie), meanwhile, will probably learn about the Philosopher's true identity from Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk). As viewers know, Fox learnt that the Philosopher, who commissioned the death of Martha and Thomas Wayne, is actually Dr Strange.

It remains to be seen whether this information will launch Bruce (David Mazouz) into a revenge spree or he will get back to training on the streets with Cat (Camren Bicondova). In all probability, Fox and Alfred (Sean Pertwee) may try to hide this information from the young billionaire.

Meanwhile, Barbara (Erin Richards) will be scorned yet again by Gordon and ready her revenge. While Lee (Morena Baccarin) and Gordon's relationship may not be ideal, he is fully committed to her, and moreover, he is not going to believe Barabara is cured of her insanity.

Fans will have to wait till Monday, May 2, to see how the stories will play out.