Shelby and Alex became friends again in "Quantico"
Shelby and Alex became friends again in "Quantico"Facebook/Quantico

With every answer that "Quantico" provides, three more questions are introduced, and that was the case with the previously aired Season 1 episode 18 as well. The upcoming episode 19 titled "Fast" is expected to clear a few doubts that were raised in the final moments of "Soon," but fans can expect more complications along with it.

Spoilers Ahead

In the previous episode, Alex (Priyanks Chopra) learned that Shelby (Johanna Brady) is working with the voice, but in "Fast" that will be debunked. Much like Alex and Vasquez (Anabelle Acosta), Shelby is seemingly working for the terrorist because she has no choice. In her case, the voice is threatening to kill Caleb (Graham Rogers).

Speaking of Caleb, he had a very interesting storyline in the last episode, where he beat up Will (Jay Armstrong) in the flashback to prove that he is loyal to Sistemics. In the present, Alex learns that the former FBI agent is a shell of the man he used to be and is completely dependent on drugs. However, towards the end of the episode he looked much better, telling Alex that he wants to help her out.

Later, viewers saw Caleb make a call to someone and say that Alex "took the bait." While it was initially assumed that he is working with the Voice, the first few minutes of "Fast" is expected to prove that he is, in fact, working with Shelby.

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In the promo for Season 1 episode 19, Alex and Shelby are seen interacting in the FBI office, where the latter reveals that she had hoped Caleb would keep her out of the building. Shelby even intercepted the voice on the phone and tells Alex that the terrorist is using their voices, meaning the NATs' voices.

The voices are braided together, sometimes just two voices, sometimes more, Shelby explains. These voices are running through a server inside the very FBI building they are in. She will be seen trying to figure where the calls are being sent from in the upcoming episode.

While fans will be happy to know that Shelby is on the good side, this puts the theorists back to square one, unless you looked deep into the Quantico scenes. In the flashback Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) is severely wronged and bitter about it. She even told Alex that she knew from day one that she was special and advised her to break the barriers women have to face in the FBI.

Considering Miranda was the one who helped Alex escape when she was being framed in the beginning, it is not far-fetched to imagine that she wanted Alex to be out and about to do her bidding.

However, another group of fans believe that Miranda is not driven to destroy the FBI. Sure, she is tired of being a second-class citizen and is a promoter of girl power, but it's still not incentive enough to go to the lengths the terrorist has gone.

Watch Season 1 episode 19 of "Quantico" at 10 p.m. (EST) on Sunday, April 24. You can also live-stream "Fast" via ABC Go!