The members of Firehouse 51 had an eventful start to the new year as a major incident caused them to get help from Chicago Med and Chicago P.D.

However, it seems that after one amazing episode this year, there won't be a new episode this week and episode 11 titled "The Path of Destruction" will air only on 19 January.

The synopsis of the episode, as mentioned by, reads: "A tornado threatens Chicago. Chili makes a major mistake, which causes Brett to report her to Boden."

Meanwhile, Otis asks Dawson to help him interacting with women properly and Severide assists a Department of Homeland Security agent.

Brett has warned Chili on several occasions regarding her lousiness. However, it seems that this time, Chili has done a major blunder that can't be rectified and Brett is left with no other option that to report it to Boden.

Otis is still finding it hard to communicate with other women comfortably. When he fails to interact properly with a girl on a date, he decides to take Dawson's help. 

A Department of Homeland Security agent comes unexpectedly to Severide asking for his help. While Severide agrees to assist him, he finds that the problem is much more complicated than he was expecting.

In the previous episode titled "The Beating Heart," Hermann was rushed to Chicago Med after he was stabbed at Molly's and lost a lot of blood.

Feeling guilty about Hermann's present state, Cruz searched for Freddy to turn him in. In the mean time, Severide was reinstated as Lieutenant while Borelli got more annoyed with Chili's erratic behavior.

Elsewhere, Mouch considered proposing to Platt finally.

The episode was intended to be part one of a three-part crossover with Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. The rest two parts will be aired eventually in the upcoming weeks.