The masked faces are assuredly the present-day motif as the 'new normal' lifestyle takes its shape during the incessant spread of the novel coronavirus. Albeit its guaranteed protection from communicating the viral infection, wearing a mask is often seen as a trammel; particularly when it comes to recognising the face behind the mask. 
face-printing on masks in Kottayam
face-printing on masks in KottayamYouTube

Bringing a solution to this is the futuristic idea of face-printing on the masks that got a digital studio owner in Kerala's Kottayam district trending. Most of the other studios in the state have also switched to this new option of the face printing on masks as more people approach in demand for such masks.

Face-printing on masks go trending 

According to Bineesh G Paul, the owner of Veena studio in Ettumanoor, the idea of printing faces and desired designs on tee-shirts pulled him to the idea of face-printing on masks. Through the process of dye-sublimation printing, the face masks can be made ready for use within 15-20 minutes. 

By wearing these masks, people can identify each other as the covered portion will be superimposed on the mask as it is. Interestingly, each of these 'smiling face' masks is sold for just Rs 60.

All that the customers have to do is to provide a high-resolution photo for making such a mask. Through the sublimation printing technique, the cropped image of one's lower face is transferred to a particular paper, which is then enlarged and superimposed to a cloth mask with a high degree temperature.  

In other parts of the district where the face-printing on masks has turned viral, the shop owners say that such masks are highly in demand, especially when it comes to ceremonies like marriage. The photos of the bride and the groom are superimposed on the masks. As a maximum of 50 guests is only allowed for such functions considering the pandemic situation, printing these masks within the prescribed time for all the guests is a piece of cake for the shop owners. 

Meanwhile, in Kasargod's Thrikarippur panchayat, Rejil, a studio owner prints the face-mask for free for those people who donate food and water for the needy people.