Twitter/PlayStation Europe

"No Man's Sky" has become popular among fans since its developer Hello Games released video trailers for the game. Amazon has listed a new strategy guide for the upcoming game.

A strategy guide tells players everything about the game and what one can do in the game. The guide is called, "Limitless Sky: No Man's Sky Discovery Guide." Players must note that the game releases on June 21, whereas the strategy guide is expected to be released on Nov. 15, 2016. So it will be delayed for some months. Moreover, it is an unofficial guide.

The listing page reveals that guide would cost players $13.61 and only the paperback version is available.

The listing page also mentions that the unofficial guide will not only be featuring introduction about the game but will "teach you how to get more out of your valuable playtime—exploring vast areas, fighting pirates, upgrading your ship or spacesuit, avoiding Sentinels, and identifying new species and resources." This guide will also be featuring strategies for players.

"No Man's Sky" will be initially available on PS4 and later for PC. It is not yet known if it will be coming to other platforms.