Ruling out any possibility of re-enforcing lockdown, semi-lockdown or night curfew in Bengaluru, Karnataka Health Minister K. Sudhakar on Monday said that the government was looking to strengthen the existing Covid safety protocols like enforcing wearing masks compulsorily.

Sudhakar told reporters that there was no need for Karnataka to jump the gun "so early" with regard to re-enforcing lockdown or partial lockdown.

"We have gained enough experience to control this dreaded virus. Going by our fatality rates, it is proven that the pandemic definitely can be controlled," he said.

Bnegaluru lockdown
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Mandating face masks

Responding to a question, Sudhakar said that the number of cases are going up not because of government or health care professionals lack expertise in handling this pandemic, but it is because people at large are taking everything for granted and not maintaining Covid safety protocols.

"Government can be at fault only when from its side something goes wrong. How much can a government do to tackle this pandemic. Under such circumstances, lockdown cannot be a solution at all.... people will have to take this as a challenge and start enforcing wearing masks compulsorily," he contended.


The minister further asserted that the government, on its part, will direct marshals to impose a fine of Rs 250 per violation for not wearing masks.

"We have no other option but to impose fines to bring down the cases. As far as clusters are concerned, it has come to our notice that some people who had been asked to adhere to home quarantine, had flouted, due to which cases have spiked in few apartments. These problems can be fixed by enforcing fine and other legal methods. But at the same time, if people across the state stop wearing masks, it will be difficult to control any pandemic. We need to adhere to wearing masks first," he stressed.

He also added that the government will also augment its vigilance capabilities on bordering areas, where free movement of people has been the primary cause for infections rising again.

(With inputs from IANS)