BJP national secretary Ram Madhav said that 1.3 billion Indians are united in the fight against coronavirus pandemic and those indulging in "false propaganda" about Islamophobia are suffering from "Modiphobia". In an exclusive interview with the International Business Times, India, the BJP leader said that India has reached out to Gulf countries over to alley their Islamophobia concerns and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also spoken to many government heads in the Gulf in this regard.

PM Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Twitter

"Several handles propagating false information about India are found to be fake or of dubious origin. Prime Minister Modi and our government work for the well-being of 1.3 billion Indians. Our diplomatic corps have been in touch with the ruling establishment in several Gulf countries to contradict fake news, allay their concerns and present the true picture of India. Prime Minister himself has spoken to many heads of the governments in Gulf countries in this regard," he added.

Arab Intelligentsia, a member of the UAE's royal family Princess Hend Al-Qassimi had recently flagged the issue of "Islamophobic" comments by a section of Indians on social media. After that, several Indian missions in Gulf issued statements urging people to remain vigilant against attempts made by "forces inimical to India" to sow religious divisions.

Not Islamophobia, but Modiphobia

The BJP leader, however, said that Islamophobia doesn't exist in India and those spreading this propaganda are the usual suspects of Modiphobia. He said that Muslims have been living in India for more than a millennia and they are as safe as any other Indian living in the country.

"...isolated incidents by individuals shouldn't be exaggerated to propagate about non-existent Islamophobia. India is home to 200 million Muslims and they are as safe as any other Indian is. They have been living in India for more than a millennia. Hence no new phobia is possible. In fact, many who indulge in false propaganda about Islamophobia in India are usual suspects in their Modiphobia," he said.

When asked about BJP leaders threatening Muslim vegetable vendors and asking Hindus not to buy vegetables from them amid coronavirus pandemic, Ram Madhav said that his party doesn't approve any communal discourse and said that the saffron party has taken steps to censure such leaders.

"We strongly condemn any type of communal discourse. One key element in our successful fight against the pandemic has been the larger unity and discipline demonstrated by 1.3 billion Indians. We are united in this fight. No question of approving or sanctioning any communal discourse by anybody. We have taken steps to censure such statements purportedly made by members belonging to our party," the BJP leader added.