Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch is the latest console from Nintendo.Facebook/Nintendo

Nintendo is all set to launch a new hybrid console, Switch, on January 12 during the Nintendo Treehouse event.

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The event is expected to officially announce details about the console, its pricing and the games that would be included. 

Where and when to watch

The Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 will be held on January 12 at 8pm PT/11pm ET, live from Tokyo.

Interested fans can follow them live on Twitch Nintendo channel and on YouTube Nintendo page. Additionally they can follow the latest information on Twitter, using #NintendoSwitch.

Nintendo Treehouse Live with Nintendo Switch

This even is slated for January 13 at 6:30am PT/9:30am ET.

Nintendo has teased players to gear up for some fun with the new console, Nintendo Switch, where potential console users will be given a "closer look" at the games that would be arriving for the console.

Leaks and Rumours

The pre-orders are supposed to start from January 12. 

Images posted by a Twitter user showcasing what is believed to be internal document from Hori, which produces official accessories to Nintendo Switch, has revealed several accessories with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild themes.

Though the console is rumoured not to be powerful as the present PS4 AND Xbox One, it is said to be "very Nintendo."

Apart from the Breath of the Wild, other games that we could see includes Kingdom Battle, Pokemon Sun and Moon (or Pokemon Stars), new 3D Mario, NBA, Splatoon and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Online retailer, Target has 15 slots for potential Nintendo Switch games.


Though there is no official pricing that has been released, a pre-order sticker at US retailer Walmart surfaced on Reddit, with the price tag, $399. Previous estimates had said it could cost around $250.