Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch is the latest console from Nintendo.Facebook/Nintendo

A UK-based retailer, GameSeek, has listed Nintendo's new hybrid game console, Nintendo Switch, for release on March 17 2017. The leak also revealed the home console's price, £198.50 (around $245), GameSpot reported.

Nintendo Switch: Are pre-orders starting from January 12, 2017?

Though Nintendo has publicly said that the game will be released in March, it has not shared the release date yet.

However, the report notes that the release date could only be a "placeholder". GameSeek is known to use such placeholders to games whose release dates are not yet been confirmed. GameSeek is also offering pre-order price guarantee.

This leak comes a few days ahead of the scheduled Switch livestream, Nintendo's Treehouse Live event, on January 12. It has been widely reported that Nintendo could share details on the price, release date, specifications and the games that will be released for this new console.

Since its unveiling in October, we know that Nintendo Switch would be getting The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Kingdom Battle, Pokemon Sun and Moon, new 3D Mario and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The Switch console is similar to a tablet and has two detachable controllers (Joy-Cons). The main unit can be connected to a TV via a docking station. The main unit can also be removed and used as portable console.