Nani, Nivetha Thomas and Aadhi starrer movie Ninnu Kori has impressed Rana Daggubati, Lakshmi and several other Telugu celebrities, who say it would be another hit in the Eega star's career.

Ninnu Kori is a romance drama revolving around the story of Pallavi (Nivetha), who is married to Arun (Aadi) and leads a happy life with him in San Francisco. She once meets her ex-boyfriend Uma Maheshwar (Nani), who recollects his love life with her. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

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Ninnu Kori deals with a contemporary and interesting story, which is high on sentiments. The movie does not have commercial distractions and its emotional quotient strikes a chord with the audience of current generation. Besides brilliant scripting and direction, the film also has stellar performances by Nani, Nivetha Thomas and Aadhi.

Some celebs from the Telugu film industry watched Ninnu Kori at a special screening, days before its release in the theatres. The movie impressed them and they took to Twitter to share their reviews. Here are some celebs' comments on the movie:

Ninnu Kori
Ninnu Kori

Rana Daggubati‏: Saw a beautiful film with some exceptional performers #NinnuKori @NameisNani @i_nivethathomas @AadhiOfficial So happy and proud that I'm working in a time of such brilliant people #NinnuKori @NameisNani @i_nivethathomas @AadhiOfficial "A storyteller doesn't find the story it's the story that finds them" @i_nivethathomas you are Telugu cinema's best find in recent times.

Lakshmi Manchu: #NinnuKori one of the most sensible loving movies I've seen in the recent times.@NameisNani, @AadhiOfficial #NivedaThomas BRILLIANT.

Manoj Manchu: #NinnuKori is an awesome film with Great Performances ❤which makes it a must watch!Congrats @NameisNani @AadhiOfficial #NivethiThomas & team

Singer Smita: Had the privilege to watch a beautiful journey of 3 people #NinnuKori My fav @NameisNani hat rick×2+1 @i_nivethathomas just wow performance