Actor Nani's latest outing Ninnu Kori has continued to fare well at the US box office on the weekdays too. Its five-day collection has inched closer to the $1 million-mark in the country.

With an opening release at 170 screens across North America, Ninnu Kori opened to superb response everywhere and collected $799,199 at the US box office in the first weekend. The movie witnessed a steep decline in its business on Monday as it was the first working day of the week. The film collected $34,084 at the US box office on Monday. Idlebrain Jeevi tweeted: "#NinnuKori collects $34,084 on Monday and total USA gross is $833,283 "

Its collection grew up mutli-folds due to AT&T 1+1 offer on Tuesday. Ninnu Kori has collected over $105,000 at the US box office on its fifth day and its total collection stands at $938,283 Idlebrain Jeevi tweeted: "Tuesday AT&T 1+1 offer coupled with good talk&reviews generate $105k on Tuesday for #NinnuKori in USA. Inching towards Million dollars "

The Nani, Niveda Thomas and Aadhi Pinisetty starrer needs to collect $61,717 to surpass the mark of $1 million at the US box office. Ninnu Kori is expected to fetch these numbers on Wednesday and Thursday. The film is likely to cross the historical mark in its opening week and become the fastest $1 million grosser for Nani in the country.

Ninnu Kori has beaten the record of Nani's previous release Nenu Local, which collected $828,038 at the US box office in five days. Idlebrain Jeevi‏ had tweeted on February 8: "#NenuLocal collects $51,843 on Tuesday and the total gross is $828,038 in USA. Steadily cruising towards $1 million mark!"

Ninnu Kori
Ninnu Kori

Nenu Local has crossed $1-million mark at US box office in 12 days and it was Nani's third film to achieve this feat after Eega and Bhale Bhale Magadivoy. Now, Ninnu Kori is set to become his fourth film to cross the historical mark in the country.

Nenu Local, Nani, Keerthy Suresh
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Amidst huge competition, Red Heart Movies has acquired overseas theatrical rights of Ninnu Kori for Rs 3.5 crore, which is the record price for a Nani's film. The movie is estimated to have earned approximately Rs 2.8 crore for its distributors in the international markets in five days. The film is expected to recover the remaining amount of Rs 70 lakh in the coming days.