Ekkadiki Potavu Chinnavada
Nikhil Siddharth says Ekkadiki Potavu Chinnavada has five heroines. Pictured: Ekkadiki Potavu ChinnavadaFacebook

The promos of Ekkadiki Potavu Chinnavada (EPC) shows Nandita Swetha and Hebah Patel as female leads, but actor Nikhil Siddharth revealed that his next movie features five heroines alongside him.

Ekkadiki Potavu Chinnavada is scheduled to release on November 18 and Nikhil Siddharth is currently busy promoting the movie. In an interview, the actor spoke about his role and heroines in the movie. He says the film has an interesting story and he is seen playing a graphic designer.

"The film is a complete love story with many fantasy elements attached to it," Nikhil Siddharth told 123 Telugu. "I play a graphic designer who works in the VFX department of Baahubali movie. I have a very interesting role which has some amazing scenes. Especially, all my scenes with Vennela Kishore have come out quite well. His role is hilarious in the film," the actor added.

The ban on notes with high denomination has badly hit the industry and Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo is a victim of it. "I am very scared and hugely tensed about the release. The situation of currency ban is slowly getting better and I feel that watching movies is the cheapest form of entertainment and hope that people will appreciate my efforts in large numbers," Nikhil said, when quizzed about the ban.

Meanwhile, Nikhil Siddharth revealed that Ekkadiki Potavu Chinnavada has three more heroines other than Nandita Swetha and Hebah Patel, but the details of those actresses are kept under wraps. "There are very close to five heroines in the film and some of them have been kept as a secret. The way Anand has narrated the film with enough entertainment and suspense is just amazing," the actor said.

Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada has been written and directed by Vi Anand and produced by PV Rao. Sekhar Chandra has composed music for the songs and its background score, while Sai Sriram and Chota K Prasad handled cinematography and editing, respectively. The movie has already completed the formalities of the regional censor board, which has awarded it a U/A certificate.