Director Ramaraju, who is now busy promoting "Oka Manasu," says that the Niharika and Naga Shourya-starrer has a beautiful love story that is from the heart and unadulterated.

In an interview to IANS, Ramaraju spoke about the story of "Oka Manasu," its production and Chiranjeevi's niece Niharika, who is making her acting debut in films. The director describes the process of making the romantic-drama as a spiritual journey which he thoroughly enjoyed.

"The way this film has shaped is fascinating. I never tried hard to make the film, but things just fell in place and it happened. I say the process is spiritual because I bonded with the story on an emotional level and deep down I know the film has turned out exactly the way I want it," Ramaraju told IANS.

Ramaraju says everything he visualised has somehow made it to "Oka Manasu." "More than what I had written, things that I had visualised became an integral part of the film. It's a story from the heart, unadulterated, and all I had to do was observe what was happening within me and recreate it as part of the filmmaking process," he said.

Having made a directorial debut with 2013 Telugu romantic-drama Mallela Theeram Lo Sirimalle Puvvu, Ramaraju feels his latest film will be widely accepted.

"My first film didn't get its due, because it released in very less number of screens. I learnt that cinema is not art and everything is linked to commerce. I know Oka Manasu will appeal to everybody, irrespective of the age group, because I'm the first viewer of my story and I felt nostalgic when I wrote it," he said.

When quizzed about mega princess Niharika, Ramaraju says she is here for the long haul. "The Niharika audiences will get to see will be in a totally different avatar. On television, she's known to be more bubbly. However, in my film I've explored her other dimension, a side which is rarely known to others. She's a very talented artist," he said.

"Oka Manasu," starring Naga Shourya, is set to release in cinemas on June 24. The director says the film is a realistic love story. "I haven't given in to cinematic trappings. Imagine closely studying two intense lovers and everything that unfolds in their relationship is what I've captured in my film," he said.