Sudani From Nigeria

Nigerian star Samuel Robinson was surprised when strange words started popping up on his Facebook wall. The Malayalam comments started pouring in after the actor shared some candid pictures with actor-director Soubin Shahir.

Samuel Robinson was in Kerala to play an important character in the upcoming Malayalam movie Sudani From Nigeria. The movie is directed by debutante Sakariah Muhammed.

According to reports, Sudani From Nigeria is a romantic entertainer, set in the backdrop of the sevens football tournaments that are very popular in Malappuram of Kerala.

Soubin Shahir plays an important role in the movie along with Samuel Robinson.

The movie started trending online when Samuel Robinson shared a picture with Soubin on his Instagram and Facebook profiles. Dulquer Salman also shared the first look of the movie.

It was after Samuel Robinson shared his picture with Soubin that Malayalam comments started coming in on his wall. The actor couldn't understand the meaning of typical Malayalam words like Kiduve (the best), Katta waiting (eagerly waiting) and Pwoli (superb).

He posted two Facebook updates asking for help to decipher the words.

Mollywood fans were generous and helpful enough to explain him the meanings. Some even went further and explained the meaning in Malayalam!

Some comments made fun of the actor's ignorance and requested him to learn Malayalam quickly.

After the exchange went viral, Samuel Robinson promised in another Facebook post that he would learn Malayalam soon.

He had undergone an intensive training session of sevens football as part of the shooting.

Samuel Robinson has played important roles in African movies like Walt Disney's Desperate Housewives Africa, M Net's Tinsel and in 8 Bars and a Clef.

On the other hand, Sudani from Nigeria marks Soubin's return to acting spree after his much acclaimed directorial debut Parava.

The movie caught its place in many best of the year lists of 2017 and earned him critical and commercial success.

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The actor also had a personal milestone in the same year as he went into wedlock in December.

According to the director Sakariah Muhammed, the title, Sudani From Nigeria is evolved from the African players hired by Sevens football clubs in Malappuram district of Kerala.

There are players from from Lyberia, Nigeria and Congo playing in the tournaments in Malappuram. But, the people call them with a common term 'Sudani', which is borrowed as the title of the movie.

The movie revolves around an African football player coming to Malappuram for a Sevens football tournament. Some parts of the movie will also be canned in Africa.

Sudani From Nigeria is produced by Sameer Thahir and Shyju Khalid under the banner Happy Hours Entertainments.