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At least 32 people died in Nigeria's Rivers state after consuming dog meat and a local gin called Ogogoro, prompting the state government to ban the alcohol.

Several deaths were recorded across the state from the consumption of the locally available alcohol, which is said to contain poisonous methanol and is said to be 'highly toxic'. 

The state government's Department of Disease Control said the ban was necessary after multiple deaths, with victims complaining of vomiting and blindness, The Vanguard reported. 

In some places, shops selling the liquor were set on fire following the deaths. Officials are going door-to-door to educate locals to stay away from the Ogogoro liquor. 

Deaths were also reported from the popular dog meat delicacy in the Rivers state, the report said. 

The Ondo state in Nigeria had also banned the Ogogoro local gin in April this year, following deaths from the liquor consumption, PM News had reported.