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Nick Jonas recently had a fan encounter that may have left him feeling disturbed. Reportedly, a video posted to social media shows Nick Jonas being groped repeatedly by a female fan during a Jonas Brothers concert in Los Angeles.

Reportedly, in the video, captured by a concertgoer, the female fan can be seen grabbing at his legs, derriere and crotch from behind. Apparently, the incident happened last week when the band played two nights at the Hollywood Bowl last week as part of their Happiness Begins Tour.

What the fan did amounts to sexual harassment and the fact that Nick Jonas had to endure that during a public performance is all the more troubling. Reportedly, at the time of the show, the three brothers were performing at the lip of the stage with audience members on both sides of them. After the first initial grabs at his legs, security warned the young woman to stop. As the touching persisted, Jonas, dressed in an all orange suit, turned around and scolded her before resuming his performance with his brothers.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas at Chasing Happiness premiere
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas at Chasing Happiness premiere.Instagram

The reprimand seemed to have worked as the groping appears to stop at the end of the clip. But the fact that Nick had to lose his temper with a fan during a performance is very unfortunate. The singer deserved some courtesy while he was performing.

Fans were not pleased by the groper's reprehensible behaviour. Being excited and eager is one thing, but the fan should have behaved more appropriately as not only was the groping a distraction but it must truly repulsive behavior. You can check out the video here: