NASA has described the mysterious planet Nibiru, also known as Planet X, as a hypothetical discovery, but conspiracy theorists continue to believe that the planet is all set to destroy the world. They even alleged that the world leaders are spraying chemicals into the skies to hide the planet Nibiru.

Matt Rogers had earlier claimed that Nibiru will cause apocalyptic earthquakes and destroy the earth on November 19, but it turned out to be a hoax just like Christian numerologist David Meade's doomsday claim.

However, he has an explanation and in his video titled "Our skies are being sprayed to cover up the truth," Rogers claimed that the world leaders are using the spray to hide the planet. He also said that the moon is also fake and it's just a beam of light.

"Looking up we should see the moon, not that beam of light. I do believe they are using another reflector up there - it does look very strange. That is not the moon. I have seen the moon on webcam images and even with binoculars, the moon does not cause this blue sky around it," he said in the video.

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NASA/ Lynette Cook

"People state they can't see the stars at night, it is being lit up. It is absolutely without a shadow of a doubt that is not the Moon - it is too bright, too white."

Talking about the image of some clouds, Roger explained, "This photo is totally amazing because you're seeing all these lines in the sky – unnatural cloud formations. All of these are caused by pilots, spraying our skies. They're being used and controlled by the governments."

He said that this spray is hiding the planet Nibiru, as well as the stars and even, called it a "big cover-up."

While Rogers' theory might not convince everyone, a few agree with his theory.

"The public is aware of the cover up by the government, nasa. I have emailed our president asking him to tell us the truth, we the voters who put you in office, but hope the rest of you will do the same . Be safe all," Nancy Simmons, a YouTube user, said.

"If the sun is dimming, why is it hotter than normal? I agree they are covering up something. I think they are building something with all of the noises heard around the world. Perhaps a place outside the dome to watch or control from," Sarah Raah commented.