NIA on trail to capture the suspect in Bengaluru Rameshwaram Cafe blastIANS

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has made its first arrest from Ballari, Karnataka in connection with the recent Bengaluru cafe blast. The accused has been identified as Mohammed Shabbir.

Shabbir's arrest comes following intensive investigative efforts by the NIA, which took over the case on March 3. The anti-terror agency had been meticulously piecing together evidence since the explosion rocked a popular cafe in Bengaluru on March 1.

Sources said that Shabbir is believed to be an accomplice of the prime suspect, who was captured on security camera footage leaving a bag at the cafe premises just before the blast occurred.

The blast, caused by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), resulted in several injuries and caused widespread panic among patrons and residents in the vicinity.

Bengaluru cafe explosion
Bengaluru cafe explosion visualsIANS

Last week, the NIA released four new photos of the suspected bomber. The photos show the suspected bomber without a cap, walking confidently with a backpack, wearing a pink T-shirt and trousers. He is seen wearing a mask in the photos.

In the earlier photographs released by the authorities, the suspect was wearing a cap and dark-coloured T-shirt.

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