Brazil are already out of the ongoing edition of Fifa World Cup 2018 but their superstar, Neymar remains one of the most-talked-about stars on social media, thanks to his sickening theatrics that grabbed headlines across the world.

Neymar recovered in time from a broken foot to represent the Selecao in Russia amid the huge hype. The most expensive player in the sport was expected to light up Brazil's campaign.

Neymar faces flak for histrionics

Neymar suffered multiple fouls during Brazil's Round of 16 match against Mexico on Monday.KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images

However, the Paris Saint-Germain star not only failed to live up to the massive hype but also invited criticism for the histrionics. Brazil great Ronaldo had defended his countryman but he was also unable to resist labelling his actions as "funny".

Neymar, as expected, was targeted by opposition defenders and he started his World Cup campaign on a poor note after being crowded out by Switzerland defenders in their 1-1 draw. As of July 2, he had suffered the most fouls — 23 in the ongoing edition of the quadrennial tournament.

However, his exaggerated reactions to those fouls have turned him from a global icon to quite the laughing stock.

The way he rolled after being brought down by a Serbian player at the Spartak Stadium, Moscow on June 27 gave rise to hilarious memes on social media but Neymar didn't stop there as he continued falling to the ground even after the slightest of contacts.

In what was one of the most awkward moments at the World Cup, Neymar held his leg and rolled over along the sidelines after Mexican defender Miguel Layun sneakily caught the Brazilian star in the Round of 16 tie. The referee refused to buy into Neymar's over-the-top reaction and carried on with the game even as the former received medical attention.

#NeymarChallenge trending on social media

In the age of popular social media campaigns, "#NeymarChallenge" has become viral on social media. From children to the elderly, people from across the age group are taking up the challenge and uploading clips on Twitter.

A clip where an elderly Indian woman is imitating the "rolling Neymar" in real-life situations takes the cake. Check out these hilarious #NeymarChallenge posts below.